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Smernice za zaščito vodonosnikov
Romina Žabar, Tanja Prebil, Marta Stopar, Barbara Čenčur Curk, Asta Gregorič, Matteo Bisaglia, 2014, treatise, preliminary study, study

Found in: osebi
Keywords: podzemne vode, upravljanje z vodami, vodonosniki
Published: 22.01.2015; Views: 4164; Downloads: 22
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Combined fit of spectrum and composition data as measured by the Pierre Auger Observatory
Marko Zavrtanik, Danilo Zavrtanik, Lili Yang, Serguei Vorobiov, Darko Veberič, Marta Trini, Samo Stanič, Ahmed Saleh, Gašper Kukec Mezek, Andrej Filipčič, Andrea Di Matteo, 2015, published scientific conference contribution

Abstract: We present a combined fit of both flux and composition of ultra-high energy cosmic rays as measured by the Pierre Auger Observatory. The fit has been performed for energies above 5 × 10[sup]18 eV, i.e. the region of the all-particle spectrum above the so-called “ankle” feature. A simple astrophysical model consisting of identical sources has been adopted, where nuclei are injected with a rigidity dependent mechanism and the sources are uniformly distributed in a comoving volume. The fit results suggest a source model characterized by relatively low maximum injection energies and hard spectral indices. The impact of different sources of systematic uncertainties in the above result is discussed.
Found in: osebi
Keywords: Pierre Auger Observatory, ultra-high energy cosmic rays, energy spectrum, elemental composition, combined data fit
Published: 03.03.2016; Views: 3131; Downloads: 199
.pdf Fulltext (704,98 KB)

ORR stability of Mn–Co/polypyrrole nanocomposite electrocatalysts studied by quasi in-situ identical-location photoelectron microspectroscopy
Maya Kiskinova, Claudio Mele, Hikmet Sezen, Benedetto Bozzini, Mattia Fanetti, Andrea Goldoni, Luca Gregoratti, Belen Aleman, Matteo Amati, Patrizia Bocchetta, 2016, original scientific article

Abstract: The stability of pyrolyzed Mn–Co/polypyrrole (PPy) nanocomposites towards the Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR) in alkaline solution, was studied with a close-knit group of complementary microscopic and space-resolved spectroscopic approaches: Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Scanning and High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy (SEM, HRTEM) and identical-location Scanning PhotoElectron Microscopy (SPEM). Tracking quasi-in situ the morphochemical evolution of the Mn–Co/PPy catalyst upon electrochemical aging under ORR conditions by this multi-technique approach, has allowed to clarify the key physico-chemical processes underlying the dramatic impact of Co additions to stability improvement.
Found in: osebi
Keywords: Mixed manganese oxides, Polypyrrole, Oxygen reduction, Electrocatalysis, Nanocomposites, X-ray photoelectron microspectroscopy
Published: 25.07.2016; Views: 3771; Downloads: 0
.pdf Fulltext (1,36 MB)

Full-sky searches for anisotropies in UHECR arrival directions with the Pierre Auger Observatory and the Telescope Array
J. P. Lundquist, A. di Matteo, 2020, published scientific conference contribution

Found in: osebi
Keywords: UHECR, Cosmic Rays, Anisotropy
Published: 27.04.2020; Views: 1386; Downloads: 0
.pdf Fulltext (6,28 MB)

Reply to: "Does PCNA diffusion on DNA follow a rotation-coupled translation mechanism?"
Matteo De March, Silvia Onesti, Alfredo De Biasio, 2020, review article

Found in: osebi
Keywords: PCNA, replication, diffusion, structure
Published: 01.03.2021; Views: 906; Downloads: 8
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The dark side of the ring: role of the DNA sliding surface of PCNA
Matteo De March, Alfredo De Biasio, 2017, original scientific article

Found in: osebi
Keywords: diffucio, PCNA, structure, biology, replication
Published: 03.03.2021; Views: 828; Downloads: 0
.pdf Fulltext (1,51 MB)

Structural basis of human PCNA sliding on DNA
Matteo De March, Nekane Merino, Susana Barrera-Vilarmau, Ramon Crehuet, Silvia Onesti, Francisco J. Blanco-Silva, Alfredo De Biasio, 2017, original scientific article

Found in: osebi
Keywords: structure, sliding, PCNA
Published: 03.03.2021; Views: 849; Downloads: 3
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