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Astroparticle studies at the Pierre Auger Observatory
Lili Yang, predavanje na tuji univerzi

Opis: The Pierre Auger Observatory (PAO), the world’s largest cosmic ray detector combines a large surface detector (SD) with an air fluorescence detector (FD). It is designed to observe extensive air showers (EAS) of billions of secondary particles induced by the UHECRs in the earths’ atmosphere. The “hybrid” design (i.e., detected simultaneously by SD and FD) provides wealth of information about shower development and excellent event reconstruction. Together with observations of UHECRs, the Surface Detector (SD) of the PAO is sensitive to UHE neutrinos through the observation of deeply initiated inclined down-going showers produced by neutrino interactions in the atmosphere, which method has been well established. On the other hand, high-energy photons can also be discriminated from background of charged cosmic rays based on their characters of the shower front. In this talk, I will give a review on recent results from PAO and introduce the ultra-high energy multi-messenger studies from PAO.
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Ključne besede: Pierre Auger Observatory, cosmic rays, ultra-high energy
Objavljeno: 17.01.2018; Ogledov: 1176; Prenosov: 0
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Dipolar anisotropy of cosmic rays above 8 EeV
Marko Zavrtanik, Danilo Zavrtanik, Lili Yang, Serguei Vorobiov, Marta Trini, Samo Stanič, Ahmed Saleh, Gašper Kukec Mezek, Andrej Filipčič, Oscar Taborda, 2017, objavljeni znanstveni prispevek na konferenci

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Povzetek najdenega: ... Pierre Auger Observatory, dipolar anisotropy, cosmic rays...
Ključne besede: Pierre Auger Observatory, dipolar anisotropy, cosmic rays
Objavljeno: 16.02.2018; Ogledov: 960; Prenosov: 83
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