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Advanced Electromagnetism lecture notes
Luigi Giacomazzi, 2012, drugo učno gradivo

Opis: These notes were written at the ICTP (Trieste) in 2012 as support of the recorded less of the Advanced Electromagnetism course:
Ključne besede: Electromagnetism, Maxwell's Equations, Lagrangian of the electromagnetic field
Objavljeno: 22.03.2019; Ogledov: 19; Prenosov: 0
.pdf Polno besedilo (435,37 KB)

Biti pisateljica in intelektualka
radijski ali tv dogodek

Ključne besede: Zofka Kveder, slovenska književnost
Objavljeno: 15.03.2019; Ogledov: 88; Prenosov: 0
.docx Polno besedilo (256,58 KB)

On spin description of water-biopolymer interactions: theory and experiment of reentrant order-disorder transition.
Artem V. Badasyan, predavanje na tuji univerzi

Opis: The experimental studies of biopolymer conformations have reached an unprecedented level of detailization during the past decade and allow now to study single molecules in vivo [1]. Processing of experimental data essentially relies on theoretical approaches to conformational transitions in biopolymers [2]. However, the models that are currently used, originate from the early 1960's and contain several unjustified assumptions, widely accepted at that time. Thus, the view on the conformational transitions in the polypeptides as a two-state process has very limited applicability because the all-or-none transition mechanism takes place only in short polypeptides with sizes comparable to the spatial correlation length; the original formulation of Zimm-Bragg model is phenomenological and does not allow for a microscopic model for water; the implicit consideration of the water-polypeptide interactions through the ansatz about the quadratic dependence of free energy difference on temperature can only be justified through the assumption of an ideal gas with a constant heat capacity. To get rid of these deficiencies, we augment the Hamiltonian formulation [3] of the Zimm-Bragg model [4] with the term describing the water-polypeptide interactions [5]. The analytical solution of the model results in a formula, ready to be fit to Circular Dichroism (CD) data for both heat and cold denaturation. On the example of several sets of experimental data we show, that our formula results in a significantly better fit, as compared to the existing approaches. Moreover, the application of our procedure allows to compare the strengths of inter- and intra-molecular H-bonds, an information, inaccessible before.
Ključne besede: helix-coil transition, water-polypeptide interactions
Objavljeno: 13.03.2019; Ogledov: 81; Prenosov: 0
.pdf Polno besedilo (78,48 KB)

Adding dimensions to the immersion testing of magnesium corrosion
Lars Wadsö, Dmitry Orlov, 2018, objavljeni znanstveni prispevek na konferenci

Ključne besede: magnesium, corrosion, isothermal calorimetry, pressure measurements
Objavljeno: 11.03.2019; Ogledov: 83; Prenosov: 0
.pdf Polno besedilo (405,05 KB)

Investigation of Aerosol Properties and Structures in Two Representative Meteorological Situations over the Vipava Valley Using Polarization Raman LiDAR
Luka Drinovec, Griša Močnik, William Eichinger, Samo Stanič, Longlong Wang, Asta Gregorič, 2019, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Vipava valley in Slovenia is a representative hot-spot for complex mixtures of different aerosol types of both anthropogenic and natural origin. Aerosol loading distributions and optical properties were investigated using a two-wavelength polarization Raman LiDAR, which provided extinction coefficient, backscatter coefficient, depolarization ratio, backscatter Ångström exponent and LiDAR ratio profiles. Two different representative meteorological situations were investigated to explore the possibility of identifying aerosol types present in the valley. In the first case, we investigated the effect of strong downslope (Bora) wind on aerosol structures and characteristics. In addition to observing Kelvin–Helmholtz instability above the valley, at the height of the adjacent mountain ridge, we found new evidence for Bora-induced processes which inject soil dust aerosols into the free troposphere up to twice the height of the planetary boundary layer (PBL). In the second case, we investigated aerosol properties and distributions in stable weather conditions. From the observed stratified vertical aerosol structure and specific optical properties of different layers we identified predominant aerosol types in these layers.
Ključne besede: aerosol structures, aerosol characterization, polarization Raman LiDAR, Vipava valley
Objavljeno: 08.03.2019; Ogledov: 112; Prenosov: 3
.pdf Polno besedilo (3,11 MB)

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