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Structuring linguistic noise
Artur Stepanov, predavanje na tuji univerzi

Opis: How do young children acquiring their native language master complex abstract properties of adult sentences, more specifically, their syntactic structure? A good portion of recent research in child language acquisition is devoted to the nature of 'segmentation' strategies allowing children to deduce some of these abstract structural properties from the linguistic input they are exposed to, and the role of linguistic (e.g. prosodic), cognitive (e.g. working memory, probabilistic) and experience (e.g. bilingualism, music training) factors that affect the segmentation task. In this talk I give a broad outline of this research agenda including our own work and reflect on promising new directions that emerge in this domain.
Ključne besede: segmentation, prosody, child language
Objavljeno: 28.06.2019; Ogledov: 111; Prenosov: 0
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Au and Ag on the Bi2Se3(0001) Surface: Experimental Electronic and Physical Properties
Sandra Gardonio, Mattia Fanetti, Katja Ferfolja, Matjaž Valant, objavljeni povzetek znanstvenega prispevka na konferenci

Opis: Binary bismuth chalcogenides, Bi2Se3 and Bi2Te3, have been extensively studied as reference topological insulators (TIs). These materials are bulk insulators with topological surface states (TSS) crossing the Fermi level. In contrast to conventional surface states of metals, the TSS are extremely robust against local modifications at the surface, such as adsorbed adatoms, localized defects or changes in the surface termination. This aspect makes the TIs attractive for applications in spintronics, plasmonics, quantum computing and catalysis. A theoretical model of charge transport by the TI surface states predicts that the TSS survive, provided that bonding at the metal/TI interface is weak. Ab-initio calculations have been done to understand the electronic properties of Au, Ni, Pt, Pd and graphene layers in a contact with Bi2Se3. These calculations showed that for Au and graphene the spin-momentum locking of TSS is maintained at the interface. In another theoretical study, Ag and Au thin layers on Bi2Se3 have been predicted to show a large Rashba splitting and a high spin polarization of the Ag quantum wells, providing a great potential for development of the spintronic devices. Finally, the calculations have foreseen that the presence of the robust TSS affects the adsorption properties of metals (Au bi-layer and clusters of Au, Ag, Cu, Pt, and Pd) supported on TI, in some cases resulting in the enhancement of the catalytic processes. Despite the fundamental importance of the metal/TI interfaces and a number of theoretical studies predicting exotic interfacial phenomena, the experimental knowledge about the metals on the TI surfaces is surprisingly limited, especially concerning combined study of morphology, growth mode, electronic and chemical properties. In order to exploit the predicted physical properties of such systems, it is especially important to extend the study above the diluted coverage regime and to understand what is the growth morphology of the metal on the TI surface, to what extent the metal overlayer interacts with the TI substrate, how the TSS change with the presence of the metal overlayer and what is the reactivity of the system at the different stages of the overlayer growth. Within this frame, we present a comprehensive surface sensitive study, of Au and Ag on Bi2Se3 by means of ARPES, XPS, SEM, LEED and XRD. The obtained results allow us to discuss the relation between electronic and physical properties at two of the most important model metal/TI interfaces
Ključne besede: topological insulator, electronic properties, synchrotron radiation
Objavljeno: 27.06.2019; Ogledov: 189; Prenosov: 0
.pdf Polno besedilo (5,72 MB)

Introducing E-learning to a TraditionalUniversity: A Case-Study
Donatella Gubiani, Irina Cristea, Tanja Urbančič, 2020, samostojni znanstveni sestavek ali poglavje v monografski publikaciji

Ključne besede: E-learning, Higher education, Moodle platform, Academic challenges
Objavljeno: 27.06.2019; Ogledov: 208; Prenosov: 0
.pdf Polno besedilo (492,66 KB)

Network per la rabilitazione mentale e motoria dell' ictus: Združenje za kognitivno in gibalno rehabilitacijo po možganski kapi: lecture by dr Alberta Lunardelli (Italy)
Milena Kovačević

Opis: Italy Slovenia medical research into stroke rehabilitation; translation of a lecture by dr Alberta Lunardelli(Italy) in Bibione, Italy (October 2018).
Ključne besede: Slovenia, Italy, medical research, stroke, mental and physical rehabilitation
Objavljeno: 24.06.2019; Ogledov: 139; Prenosov: 0
.pdf Polno besedilo (92,56 KB)

Network per la rabilitazione mentale e motoria dell' ictus: Združenje za kognitivno in gibalno rehabilitacijo po možganski kapi: lecture by dr Giullia Galli, Bibione, Italy, October 2018
Milena Kovačević

Opis: Italy Slovenia medical research into stroke rehabilitation; translation of a lecture by dr Giullia Galli (Italy) in Bibione, Italy, in October 2018.
Ključne besede: Slovenia, Italy, medical research, stroke, mental and physical rehabilitation
Objavljeno: 24.06.2019; Ogledov: 116; Prenosov: 0
.pdf Polno besedilo (95,94 KB)

Black holes, gravitational waves and fundamental physics: a roadmap
Katja Bricman, Andreja Gomboc, Tanja Petrushevska, Leor Barack, Aurora Clerici, Christopher Eckner, Nada Ihanec, Gabrijela Zaharijas, 2019, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: The grand challenges of contemporary fundamental physics—dark matter, dark energy, vacuum energy, inflation and early universe cosmology, singularities and the hierarchy problem—all involve gravity as a key component. And of all gravitational phenomena, black holes stand out in their elegant simplicity, while harbouring some of the most remarkable predictions of General Relativity: event horizons, singularities and ergoregions. The hitherto invisible landscape of the gravitational Universe is being unveiled before our eyes: the historical direct detection of gravitational waves by the LIGO-Virgo collaboration marks the dawn of a new era of scientific exploration. Gravitational-wave astronomy will allow us to test models of black hole formation, growth and evolution, as well as models of gravitational-wave generation and propagation. It will provide evidence for event horizons and ergoregions, test the theory of General Relativity itself, and may reveal the existence of new fundamental fields. The synthesis of these results has the potential to radically reshape our understanding of the cosmos and of the laws of Nature. The purpose of this work is to present a concise, yet comprehensive overview of the state of the art in the relevant fields of research, summarize important open problems, and lay out a roadmap for future progress. This write-up is an initiative taken within the framework of the European Action on 'Black holes, Gravitational waves and Fundamental Physics.
Ključne besede: black holes, gwverse
Objavljeno: 24.06.2019; Ogledov: 161; Prenosov: 0
.pdf Polno besedilo (7,00 MB)

Potovanje po neznanih poteh tržaškosti in Gradnikove poezije. Izbrani spisi.
ana toroš, 2019, znanstvena monografija

Opis: Literatura na stičišču, literarni stiki med slovenskimi, furlanskimi in italijanskimi literati in kulturniki na Tržaškem, Goriškem in Videmskem.
Ključne besede: Alojz Gradnik, Trst, Gorica, poezija, Rabindranath Tagore, Maria Samer
Objavljeno: 19.06.2019; Ogledov: 201; Prenosov: 0
.pdf Polno besedilo (2,61 MB)

Cross-cultural communication in English
Veronika Piccinini, 2018, druga izvedena dela

Objavljeno: 14.06.2019; Ogledov: 265; Prenosov: 0
.pdf Polno besedilo (168,58 KB)

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