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The Experience of Exile and Home in Connection with the Self-Understanding of the Poet in the Poetry by Tomaž Šalamun
Mateja Eniko, 2017, objavljeni znanstveni prispevek na konferenci

Opis: For the poetic creation of Tomaž Šalamun, one of the most important Slovenian modernist poets, the experience of staying abroad was crucial. This was his voluntary and conscious decision. Referring to Said, it was his choice to give force to his creativity. Šalamun’s necessity to go out of home borders is closely connected with his understanding of the role of the poet. In his poetry, exile is represented as experience that allows him to establish himself as a poet, gives him the power to create and to step out of the conventional frameworks. The motive of living abroad is presented in a tense relation to home (both in terms of intimacy and socio-political space). Starting from Bakhtin's theory of dialogism, the poet’s self-understanding of himself and his home is closely linked to the relationship with the other.
Ključne besede: Slovenian modernist poetry, Tomaž Šalamun, experience of voluntary exile, motive of home, poetic self-reflection
Objavljeno: 09.05.2018; Ogledov: 176; Prenosov: 0
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(Pred)volilna glosa: Tudi v Sloveniji imajo oblast politične stranke, mar ne?
Zoran Božič, 2018, drugi članki ali sestavki

Opis: Satiričen prispevek o volilnem sistemu v Republiki Sloveniji: namesto oblasti ljudstva (3. člen ustave) imamo oblast političnih strank, namesto demokracije partitokracijo.
Ključne besede: Slovenija, volilni sistemi, volitve, demokracija, referendum, dvokrožni večinski sistem, proporcionalni sistem, kombinirani sistem, politične stranke, preferenčni glas
Objavljeno: 07.05.2018; Ogledov: 198; Prenosov: 0
.pdf Polno besedilo (293,26 KB)

Negative field‐dependent charge mobility in crystalline organic semiconductors with delocalized transport
Andrey Kadashchuk, Egon Pavlica, Gvido Bratina, Fei Tong, 2018, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Charge-carrier mobility has been investigated by time-of-flight (TOF) transient photocurrent in a lateral transport con- figuration in highly crystalline thin films of 2,7-dioctyl[1]benzothieno [3,2-b][1] benzothiophene (C8-BTBT) grown by a zone-casting alignment technique. High TOF mobility has been revealed that it is consistent with the delocalized nature of the charge transport in this material, yet it featured a positive temperature dependence at T ≥ 295 K. Moreover, the mobility was surprisingly found to decrease with electric field in the high-temperature region. These observations are not compat- ible with the conventional band-transport mechanism. We have elaborated an analytic model based on effective-medium approximation to rationalize the puzzling findings. The model considers the delocalized charge transport within the energy landscape formed by long-range transport band-edge variations in imperfect organic crystalline materials and accounts for the field-dependent effective dimensionality of charge transport percolative paths. The results of the model calculations are found to be in good agreement with experimental data.
Ključne besede: time of flight, organic semiconductors, single crystals
Objavljeno: 07.05.2018; Ogledov: 249; Prenosov: 0
.pdf Polno besedilo (2,01 MB)

Supernovae seen through gravitational telescopes
Tanja Petrushevska, 2018, objavljeni povzetek znanstvenega prispevka na konferenci

Opis: Galaxies, and clusters of galaxies, can act as gravitational lenses and magnify the light of objects behind them. The effect enables observations of very distant supernovae, that otherwise would be too faint to be detected by existing telescopes, and allows studies of the frequency and properties of these rare phenomena when the universe was young. Under the right circumstances, multiple images of the lensed supernovae can be observed, and due to the variable nature of the objects, the difference between the arrival times of the images can be measured. Since the images have taken different paths through space before reaching us, the time-differences are sensitive to the expansion rate of the universe. One class of supernovae, Type Ia, are of particular interest to detect. Their well known brightness can be used to determine the magnification, which can be used to understand the lensing systems. I will also report our discovery of the first resolved multiply-imaged gravitationally lensed supernova Type Ia.
Ključne besede: lensed supernovae, strong lensing
Objavljeno: 03.05.2018; Ogledov: 210; Prenosov: 0
.pdf Polno besedilo (541,15 KB)

Vertical profiling of aerosol properties with two-wavelength polarization Raman lidar over the Vipava valley
William Eichinger, Klemen Bergant, Griša Močnik, Luka Drinovec, Samo Stamoč, Asta Gregorič, Longlong Wang, 2018, objavljeni povzetek znanstvenega prispevka na konferenci

Opis: Presence of atmospheric aerosols affects the Earth’s radiation budget and thus also atmospheric thermal structure, which in turn affects cloud and planetary boundary layer (PBL) dynamics. We combine in-situ and remote measurements to determine aerosol properties in a representative hot-spot for air pollution in a complex terrain configuration. Vertical profiles of aerosol properties were investigated using a two-wavelength polarization Raman lidar system in the Vipava valley. Using lidar-obtained particle depolarization ratio, lidar ratio and backscatter Ångström exponent (355 nm / 1064 nm), which depend on aerosol shape, size and refractive index, thus the aerosols can be identified and the roles of different aerosol types in the observed atmospheric processes were investigated. In addition, aerosol absorption coefficients were measured in-situ by Aethalometers (AE33, Magee Scientific / Aerosol d.o.o.) on the valley floor and on the adjacent mountain range, 850 m above the lidar site. Our primary goal was to study the variability of aerosol types within and above the Vipava valley, which was performed using the entire lidar dataset from August – December 2017. Primary anthropogenic aerosols within the valley is mainly emitted from two sources: individual domestic heating systems, which mostly use biomass fuel and traffic. Natural aerosols, transported by long-range transport, such as mineral dust and sea salt, were observed both above the PBL and entering into the PBL. Vertical distributions of aerosol properties, in par- ticular the particle depolarization ratio, indicated atmospheric stratification with different aerosol types occupying different height ranges. In the presence of Bora (strong down-slope wind), Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities were observed between the PBL and the free troposphere. Using aerosol type identification capability of our system, we discovered that this instability was responsible for ejecting aerosols from the PBL up to 2 km into the free troposphere. In addition, we improved the reliability of aerosol identification in vertical profiles using absorption coeffi- cient measured by Aethalometer. Combining it with the aerosol extinction coefficient at 355 nm derived from lidar data, we derived aerosol single scattering albedo (SSA), which is an important parameter for aerosol characterization.
Ključne besede: Aerosol, Vipava valley, lidar
Objavljeno: 23.04.2018; Ogledov: 250; Prenosov: 0
.pdf Polno besedilo (35,82 KB)

Primjena pivskog tropa u proizvodnji bioplina
Mario Panjicko, Gregor Drago Zupančič, Marina Tišma, Bruno Zelić, 2017, samostojni znanstveni sestavek ali poglavje v monografski publikaciji

Opis: Pivarska industrija je veliki generator otpadnih tokova. Pivski trop, kao jedan od tri glavna otpada toka, po kemijskom je sastavu lignocelulozni materijal. Zbog sve većeg porasta cijena energije i povećane brige za očuvanjem okoliša, u zadnje vrijeme se provode brojna istraživanja procesa anaerobne razgradnje (anaerobne digestije) pivskog tropa u svrhu proizvodnje bioplina. Bioplin proizveden prilikom procesa anaerobne razgradnje sastoji se najvećim dijelom od metana (CH4) i ugljikovog dioksida (CO2), s malim udjelima sumporovodika (H2S) i amonijaka (NH3) te plinova koji se mogu naći u tragovima, kao što su vodik (H2), dušik (N2), ugljikov monoksid (CO), zasićeni ili halogenirani ugljikovodici te kisik (O2). Osnovni problem primjene pivskog tropa u procesu anaerobne razgradnje u svrhu proizvodnje bioplina je njegov složen kemijski sastav. Strukturna kompleksnost lignina, njegova kemijska stabilnost i netopljivost posebice otežavaju proces anaerobne razgradnje. U ovom pregledu prikazane su osnove procesa anaerobne razgradnje, vrste reaktora za provedbu procesa anaerobne razgradnje te su opisane mogućnosti primjene pivskog tropa u procesu anaerobne razgradnje.
Ključne besede: anaerobna razgradnja, bioreaktori, lignoceluloza, bioplin, pivski trop
Objavljeno: 23.04.2018; Ogledov: 234; Prenosov: 0
.pdf Polno besedilo (6,31 MB)

Prevajalčev in lektorjev imaginarij pod črto založniškim standardom
Barbara Pregelj, druga izvedena dela

Ključne besede: prevajanje, lektoriranje, normiranje jezika, praksa, založništvo
Objavljeno: 20.04.2018; Ogledov: 229; Prenosov: 0
.pdf Polno besedilo (40,98 KB)

Spatial terms and conditions of Sign Language Agreement
Matic Pavlič, 2018, objavljeni povzetek znanstvenega prispevka na konferenci

Ključne besede: Slovenian Sign Language, agreement, referential location, transitives, ditransitives
Objavljeno: 17.04.2018; Ogledov: 352; Prenosov: 7
.pdf Polno besedilo (236,55 KB)

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