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Beck effects in the comparative
Penka Stateva, 2004, objavljeni znanstveni prispevek na konferenci

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Ključne besede: pogojnik, primernik
Objavljeno: 15.10.2013; Ogledov: 1097; Prenosov: 3
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K-premik iz vprašalnih in osebkovih zvez v slovenščini ter njihove omejitve: Eksperimentalna študija skladenjskih otokov
Manca Mušič, 2015, diplomsko delo

Opis: Tema diplomske naloge so skladenjski otoki vprašalnih in osebkovih stavčnih zvez v slovenščini, izvedena je bila eksperimentalna študija. Glavni cilj raziskave je bil razjasniti empirično paradigmo skladenjskih otokov vprašalnih in osebkovih stavčnih zvez v slovenskem jeziku z uporabo modela iz eksperimentalne skladnje, t. i. faktorske opredelitve učinka skladenjskih otokov Sprousa in drugih (2012 in 2015). Za raziskavo je bila uporabljena novejša metodologija, t. i. metoda ocene magnitude (Magnitude Estimation), s katero smo preprečili preskriptivne bralce. Analiza pridobljenih rezultatov je pokazala zanimiv vpogled v stanje slovenščine glede na obstoječe teorije skladenjskih otokov, kot so načelo stičnosti, načelo neizraženih prvin in prepoved premeščanja iz nedopolnil. Raziskava odpira tudi nova vprašanja na področju skladenjskih otokov.
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Ključne besede: skladenjski otoki, k-premik, omejitve, eksperimentalna skladnja, slovenščina, metoda ocene magnitude
Objavljeno: 23.09.2015; Ogledov: 1393; Prenosov: 116
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The effect of bilingualism on the processing of scalar implicatures
Anne Reboul, Arthur Stepanov, Jacques Jayez, Jean-Baptiste van der Henst, Viviane Déprez, Anne Cheylus, Ludivine Dupuy, Penka Stateva, Sara Andreetta, 2016, objavljeni povzetek znanstvenega prispevka na konferenci

Opis: Scalar implicatures have been extensively investigated in the experimental literature, but almost exclusively in monolingual speakers. Very little research has been conducted on the pragmatic abilities of multilingual populations, including early bilinguals to L2 learners, a gap the current study aims to remedy.
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Ključne besede: L2 learning and early bilingualism, comprehension of scalar implicatures
Objavljeno: 22.04.2016; Ogledov: 1372; Prenosov: 0
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Penka Stateva, Manca Mušič, Artur Stepanov, 2016, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: In this work, we aim to clarify the empirical paradigm that bears on two aspects of syntactic locality in Slovenian. First, building on previous work, we investigate how robustly Slovenian observes the syntactic locality constraint precluding constituent sub-extraction out of subject noun phrases. Second, we ask whether Slovenian allows Left Branch Extraction in interrogative and non-interrogative sentences. To elucidate both issues, we conducted a magnitude estimation study, the results of which support our previous claim that there is a subject island effect in Slovenian. Furthermore, our results suggest that Slovenian disallows Left Branch Extraction, in contrast with some other Slavic languages. We also discuss theoretical consequences of our empirical findings.
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Ključne besede: syntactic island, Left Branch extraction, magnitude estimation, Slovenian
Objavljeno: 03.01.2017; Ogledov: 940; Prenosov: 81
.pdf Polno besedilo (334,95 KB)

L’impact de l’apprentissage d’une langue seconde sur les capacités pragmatiques : le cas des implicatures scalaires
Arthur Stepanov, Jean-Baptiste van der Henst, Jacques Jayez, Anne Cheylus, Sara Andreetta, Penka Stateva, Ludivine Dupuy, Anne Reboul, 2017, objavljeni znanstveni prispevek na konferenci

Opis: There is a vast amount of studies on some forms of implicit communication such as scalar implicatures by monolingual speakers, but few studies have been carried out on the pragmatic capacities of second language learners. The only available data have been collected in Slabakova (2010). This study has shown that L2 learners are more pragmatic than L1 speakers by interpreting a scalar term in their L2. However the replicability of the results has been called into question because of methodological issues and conclusions ignoring empirical data on cognitive processing of scalar implicatures. We therefore used the same experimental material as Slabakova (2010) but improved the methodology and asked two groups of L2 French learners to make a sentence verification task. After a short context, they had to judge an underinformative sentence based on the scalar terms , (). The L2 learners have been tested in their two languages and compared to a sample of French monolinguals. The results of Slabakova (2010) have been replicated since the L2 learners make more inferences in French as monolinguals do. Our results also show that the L2 learners more often derive implicatures in their L1 than monolinguals in the same L1. This suggests that learning a second language has an impact on the way to communicate not only in the L2 but also in the L1.
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Ključne besede: pragmatic abilities, scalar implicatures, L2 bilingualism
Objavljeno: 07.12.2017; Ogledov: 387; Prenosov: 27
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Countability, agreement and the loss of the dual in Russian
Artur Stepanov, Penka Stateva, 2018, izvirni znanstveni članek

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Ključne besede: agreement, atomicity, classifier, countability, dual number, numeral, Russian, Bulgarian
Objavljeno: 21.03.2018; Ogledov: 406; Prenosov: 0
.pdf Polno besedilo (1,01 MB)

Agreement errors and structural distance: A corpus study of Bulgarian
Arthur Stepanov, Penka Stateva, 2016, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: In this work we address the phenomenon of substitution of the special “count form” suffix of masculine non-person nouns in Bulgarian numeral phrases for a simple plural morpheme. This substitution phenomenon is observed in everyday speech and writing and is noted by traditional Bulgarian grammarians. We propose to treat this phenomenon on a par with agreement errors previously investigated in the language production literature on English (e.g. “The editor of the books are...”) and on the Romance languages. We conducted a corpus study of agreement substitution errors in Bulgarian, the results of which support the psycholinguistic theories maintaining, in particular, that structural hierarchy is relevant for the computation of agreement in language production.
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Ključne besede: agreement, error, count form, feature, distance, Bulgarian
Objavljeno: 29.08.2016; Ogledov: 1192; Prenosov: 0

Interrogative Slifting: More syntactic, less parenthetical
Penka Stateva, Arthur Stepanov, 2016, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: In this article we re-assess the recent analysis of interrogative Slifting (e.g., "Who is a Martian, do you think?") proposed in Haddican et al. (2014). In this analysis, the two component clauses have an indirect syntactic relation to each other, and the semantic and pragmatic relationship between the “slift” question and the main clause is conceived around the notion of evidentiality. We advance an alternative proposal whereby interrogative Slifting can be construed more on a par with wh-scope marking questions attested in languages like German or Hindi. Placing interrogative Slifting alongside wh-scope marking, a more familiar and better-studied construction type, avoids certain empirical difficulties of the original analysis and paves a way toward a uniform treatment of its syntactic, semantic and interface properties.
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Ključne besede: Slifting, wh-scope marking, adjunction, interrogative, parenthetical
Objavljeno: 31.08.2016; Ogledov: 1303; Prenosov: 87
.pdf Polno besedilo (1,30 MB)

Two “many”-words in Slovenian
Arthur Stepanov, Penka Stateva, 2017, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Slovenian features at least two lexical items that are potential semantic counterparts of the English many, namely "veliko" and "precej", whose meaning appears close to identical. Yet speakers are certain that the two items are not equivalent, although they find intuitively felt differences hard to pinpoint. We argue that "precej" and "veliko" are lexically synonymous, but their meanings are pragmatically strengthened under relevant conditions, which leads to subtle interpretative differences. Specifically, we extend Krifka’s (2007) analysis of double negatives and propose that "veliko" is assigned the stereotypical interpretation of a quantity degree word, whereas "precej" is identified with the non-stereotypical one and consequently relates to moderately big amounts. To support this claim, we report the results of an experiment involving a sentence-picture verification task, which highlight the similarities and contextually determined differences in the use of both determiners. Our results suggest that the interpretation of "precej" is not consistent with relations in the upper part of the proportional scale and is dependent on whether or not it is in direct competition with "veliko" in the appropriate contexts.
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Ključne besede: quantity determiner, Slovenian, pragmatic strengthening, stereotypical interpretation, sentence–picture verification task
Objavljeno: 25.09.2017; Ogledov: 646; Prenosov: 0
.pdf Polno besedilo (2,25 MB)

Children's early bilingualism and musical training influence prosodic discrimination of sentences in an unknown language
Artur Stepanov, Matic Pavlič, Penka Stateva, Anne Reboul, 2018, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: This study investigated whether early bilingualism and early musical training positively influence the ability to discriminate between prosodic patterns corresponding to different syntactic structures in otherwise phonetically identical sentences in an unknown language. In a same-different discrimination task, participants (N = 108) divided into four groups (monolingual non-musicians, monolingual musicians, bilingual non-musicians, and bilingual musicians) listened to pairs of short sentences in a language unknown to them (French). In discriminating phonetically identical but prosodically different sentences, musicians, bilinguals, and bilingual musicians outperformed the controls. However, there was no interaction between bilingualism and musical training to suggest an additive effect. These results underscore the significant role of both types of experience in enhancing the listeners' sensitivity to prosodic information.
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Ključne besede: prosody, bilingualism, same-different task, French, musical training, acoustics, brain
Objavljeno: 10.01.2018; Ogledov: 346; Prenosov: 0
.pdf Polno besedilo (271,66 KB)

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