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Title:Classifier predicate as a small clause in Slovenian Sign Language
Authors:Pavlič, Matic (Authorship owner)
Pavlič, Matic (Author)
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Tipology:1.12 - Published Scientific Conference Contribution Abstract
Organization:UNG - University of Nova Gorica
Abstract:In Slovenian Sign Language (SZJ), classifier predicate cannot be negated and thus it does not qualify as the head of a verb phrase. Such a conclusion does not rule out the possibility that SZJ classifier predicate projects a reduced clausal structure. I analyze these SZJ classifier predicates as non-verbal predicates that form a small-clause structure assuming that classifier small clause is selected by an overt (HAVE) or a covert verbal head. This proposal explains the complexity of classifier predicates. Being a non-verbal projection, classifier predicate fails to move with a verbal V-to-T movement and stays in situ. For SVO languages such as SZJ, this analysis correctly predicts the change from the basic SVO to the non-basic SOV for transitive classifier predicates and from the basic SVOdOi to the non-basic SOdVOi for ditransitive classifier predicates.
Keywords:Slovenian Sign Language, classifier predicate, small clause, word order
Year of publishing:2017
Number of pages:2
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