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Nanoscale electric charge transport in organic thin film transistors
Andraž Petrović, 2009, doctoral dissertation

Found in: osebi
Published: 15.10.2013; Views: 10418; Downloads: 373
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Initial stages of organic semiconductor thin film growth
Primož Rebernik Ribič, 2009, doctoral dissertation

Found in: osebi
Keywords: organski polprevodniki, tanke plasti, stopničaste površine, naparevanje, mikroskopija na atomsko silo, disertacije
Published: 15.10.2013; Views: 6140; Downloads: 278
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Preiskave polimernih tankih slojev z mikroskopom na atomsko silo
Jan Ferjančič, 2010, undergraduate thesis

Found in: osebi
Keywords: diplomske naloge, organske sončne celice, polimerni tanki sloji, mikroskop na atomsko silo, morfologija polimerne plasti
Published: 15.10.2013; Views: 6545; Downloads: 400
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Transient photocurrents in oligothiophene-based ultrathin film transistors
Egon Pavlica, Robert Hudej, Gvido Bratina, M. Leufgen, U. Bass, J. Geurts, L. W. Molenkamp, T. Muck, V. Wagner, 2004, published scientific conference contribution abstract

Found in: osebi
Published: 15.10.2013; Views: 5893; Downloads: 35
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Predstavljamo Center za mikroskopijo in spektroskopijo UNG
2014, radio or television broadcast

Found in: osebi
Keywords: mikroskopija, spektroskopija, materiali
Published: 22.01.2015; Views: 4810; Downloads: 157
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Transport električnega naboja v organskih polprevodnikih, simulacija po metodi Monte Carlo
Robert Hudej, Gvido Bratina, Egon Pavlica, 2003, original scientific article

Abstract: The electric-charge transport in organic semiconductors is essentially different to the transport in ordered inorganic crystals. The reason is in thelocalization of the energy states, which act as charge-carrier transport channels between molecules. Consequently, the determination of the basic transport parameters in organic materials is inherently more involved than in their inorganic counterparts. The analytical methods that are used to describe charge transport in inorganic materials are unsuitable, since they are based on the extended electronic energy structure. We report here on the simulation of charge transport in organic semiconductor thin films. The simulation is based on the Monte Carlo method and describes the charge-carrier transport within the framework of carrier hopping between the sites. We employed a Gaussian energy distribution of the hopping sites with disorder elements. The degree of disorder is characterized by the width of the Gaussian distribution and is measured in eV units. The results of the transport simulation in 3,4,9,10-perylenedianhydride tetracarboxylic acid (PTCDA) show that the photogenerated charge-carrier current depends on the film thickness, temperature and disorder degree. The simulated photocurrents have the same amplitude in thick films as in the thin films, but the overall shape of the I(t) curve is more dispersive in thin films. The charge-carrier mobility decreases with the increasing degree of disorder at a given temperature. The simulation of the photogenerated positive charge carriers current matches with the time-of-flight experiment in a glass/ITO/PTCDA(600 nm)/In heterostructure at room temperature and an applied bias voltage of 8 V.
Found in: osebi
Keywords: neurejeni kristali, metoda Monte Carlo, organski polprevodniki, transport naboja, PTCDA, tranzientne meritve
Published: 10.07.2015; Views: 5124; Downloads: 18
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