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Investicijski elaborat gradnje javno-zasebnega doma upokojencev
Erika Džajić Uršič, 2011, master's thesis

Found in: osebi
Keywords: magistrske naloge, javno-zasebno partnerstvo, oskrba, institucionalno varstvo, ekonomika poslovanja, stroški
Published: 15.10.2013; Views: 5247; Downloads: 454
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Analiza sprememb pri upravljanju z odpadki po vpeljavi standarda ISO 14001 v gradbenem podjetju
Erika Žvab, 2014, undergraduate thesis

Found in: osebi
Keywords: standard ISO 14001, ekonomska analiza, gradbena podjetja, gradbeni odpadki, diplomske naloge
Published: 25.04.2014; Views: 4526; Downloads: 361
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Time-of-flight photoconductivity investigation of high charge carrier mobility in Ti3C2Tx MXenes thin-film
Egon Pavlica, Gvido Bratina, Andraž Mavrič, Vadym Tkachuk, Nadiia Pastukhova, Manisha Chhikara, Erika Tomsič, Jurij Urbančič, 2023, original scientific article

Abstract: Charge transport through a randomly oriented multilayered network of two-dimensional (2D) Ti3C2Tx (where Tx is the surface termination and corresponds to O, OH and F) was studied using time-of-flight photoconductivity (TOFP) method, which is highly sensitive to the distribution of charge carrier velocities. We prepared samples comprising Ti3C2Tx with thickness of 12 nm or 6-monolayers. MXene flakes of size up to 16 μm were randomly deposited on the surface by spin-coating from water solution. Using TOFP, we have measured electron mobility that reached values up to 279 cm2/Vs and increase with electric-field in a Poole-Frenkel manner. These values are approximately 50 times higher than previously reported field-effect mobility. Interestingly, our zero-electric-field extrapolate approaches electron mobility measured using terahertz absorption method, which represents intra-flake transport. Our data suggest that macroscopic charge transport is governed by two distinct mechanisms. The high mobility values are characteristic for the intra-flake charge transport via the manifold of delocalized states. On the other hand, the observed Poole-Frenkel dependence of charge carrier mobility on the electric field is typical for the disordered materials and suggest the existence of an important contribution of inter-flake hopping to the overall charge transport.
Found in: osebi
Keywords: Charge transport in multilayered network of flakes, Time-of-flight photoconductivity, MXene exfoliation, High-mobility solution-cast thin-film, Semiconducting mxene
Published: 31.03.2023; Views: 172; Downloads: 0
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Branka Mozetič Vodopivec, Erika Jež, Lorena Butinar, Marko Lesica, Melita Sternad Lemut, Guillaume Antalick, 2020, other educational material

Found in: osebi
Keywords: interaktivno učno gradivo, pridelava vina, posamezne faze pridelave, sveže belo vino
Published: 23.02.2021; Views: 1502; Downloads: 0
.pdf Fulltext (5,68 MB)

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