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BMBJ-neutrosophic ideals in BCK/BCI-algebras
Hashem Bordbar, Young Bae Jun, 2019, original scientific article

Abstract: The concepts of a BMBJ-neutrosophic ◦-subalgebra and a (closed) BMBJ-neutrosophic ideal are introduced, and several properties are investigated. Conditions for an MBJ-neutrosophic set to be a BMBJ-neutrosophic ideal in BCK/BCI-algebras are provided. Characterizations of BMBJ-neutrosophic ideal are discussed. Relations between a BMBJ-neutrosophic subalgebra, a BMBJ-neutrosophic ◦-subalgebra and a (closed) BMBJ-neutrosophic ideal are considered.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Keywords: MBJ-neutrosophic set, BMBJ-neutrosophic subalgebra, BMBJ-neutrosophic ideal, BMBJ-neutrosophic ◦-subalgebra.
Published: 02.12.2019; Views: 2338; Downloads: 0
.pdf Fulltext (223,15 KB)

BMBJ-neutrosophic subalgebra in BCI/BCK-algebras
Hashem Bordbar, 2020, original scientific article

Abstract: For the first time, Smarandache introduced neutrosophic sets which can be used as a mathematical tool for dealing with indeterminate and inconsistent information. the notion of BMBJ-neutrosophic set and subalgebra, as a generalization of a neutrosophic set, is introduced, and it’s an application to BCI/BCK-algebras is investigated. The concept of BMBJ-neutrosophic subalgebras in BCI/BCK-algebras is introduced, and related properties are investigated. New BMBJ-neutrosophic subalgebra is established by using a BMBJ-neutrosophic subalgebra of a BCI/BCK-algebra. Also, a homomorphic (inverse) image of BMBJ-neutrosophic subalgebra and translation of BMBJ-neutrosophic subalgebra is investigated. In the end, we provided conditions for a BMBJ-neutrosophic set to be a BMBJ-neutrosophic subalgebra.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Keywords: BMBJ-neutrosophic set, BMBJ-neutrosophic subalgebra, BMBJ-neutrosophic S-extension.
Published: 24.02.2020; Views: 2006; Downloads: 0
.pdf Fulltext (251,21 KB)

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