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The Current Relevance of Realist Discourse
Aleš Vaupotič, 2018, original scientific article

Abstract: The paper focuses the idea of realism by explaining the evident situation that the realist approach is the oldest of Western art practices, which –running in parallel to other currents – has extended into the second half of the twentieth century and even further. The discussion expands beyond literature to other arts. The starting point is the notion of literary realism after 1830 as used in literary history linked to the “great” novelistic tradition. In the twentieth century, the status of literary realism with its varieties of late and “neo-” realisms turns problematic. The reconsidered idea of realism unequivocally renounces links with the scholarly traditions explaining realism as “representation” or “reflection” etc. of the objective reality. The “debate on expressionism” in the 1930s and the avant-garde movements –in some of its tendencies –are an extension of the realist movement. The reconsidered view on realism is founded on the concept of the archive, increasing in importance on the theoretical level and in various poetics throughout the twentieth century. (However, Walter Benjamin's theory of allegory, though it could be considered a variant of the theory of archive, falls outside the limits of realism.) The paper argues for the discursive definition of realism, advanced by Hans Vilmar Geppert on the ground of Peirce's pragmaticism, avoiding the pitfalls of traditional approaches to realism.
Keywords: realism, realist discourse, Hans Vilmar Geppert, Charles Sanders Peirce
Published in RUNG: 06.02.2020; Views: 2479; Downloads: 0
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Vprašanje realizma
Aleš Vaupotič, 2019, scientific monograph

Abstract: Z nalogo pokazati, da je realistični diskurz aktualen mišljenjski model tudi v današnjem času, besedilo sledi krožni poti, ki jo predstavlja diagram treh tem iz izhodiščnega raziskovalnega vprašanja po današnji aktualnosti realističnega diskurza v luči literarnega realizma in novomedijske umetnosti. Prvi del razprave pregleda področje raziskav literarnega realizma, kot ga stroka razume v historičnem smislu za literarne pojave po letu 1830. Na kritičen način so predstavljene osrednje razlage realizma v literaturi. Izhodišče realističnega diskurza je kriza dejanskosti. Drugi del besedila osvetli problematiko sodobne umetniške ustvarjalnosti na prelomu 20. v 21. stoletje na področju novomedijske umetnosti. Tretji del razprave išče stične točke med literarnozgodovinskimi raziskavami in teoretskimi ter poetološkimi modeli sodobne umetnosti. Pristop, ki združuje na videz zelo različne pojave – literaturo in (praviloma računalniško podprte) nove medije – je v raziskovanju literarnega realizma novost. Prek prizem literarnega realizma in novomedijske umetnosti raziskava poišče rezultat, razlago realizma. Preprostega odgovora glede aktualnosti, npr. zgolj literarnega realizma v 21. stoletju, besedilo pravzaprav ne ponuja, skonstruira pa uporaben realistični način mišljenja sveta, v katerem živimo.
Keywords: realizem, literarni realizem, novi mediji, elektronski mediji, intermedijska umetnost, umetnost in znanost, teorija arhiva, pragmatizem, pragmaticizem, Hans Vilmar Geppert
Published in RUNG: 12.04.2019; Views: 3261; Downloads: 0
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Theory of Discourse and Semiotics : Foucault, Bakhtin, Peirce
Aleš Vaupotič, 2019, independent scientific component part or a chapter in a monograph

Abstract: The paper begins with an analysis of a news article reporting on scientific discovery. The scientific methods are considered from the point of view of Peircean semiotics and the structuralist semiology. The usefulness of the Peircean approach in literary scholarship is demonstrated in the case of the realist novel as it is construed by Hans Vilmar Geppert. By considering Geppert’s alignment of Bakhtin’s theory of the novel with Peirce’s sign-theory the similarities and differences between the discourse-theoretical (considering also Foucault’s work) and semiotic approaches is outlined. In the second part of the text two cases of artistic research are presented, the first one, the Friedhof Laguna project from 2003, being realised in the discourse-theoretical frameworks, and the second one, 3-D visualizations of the NEWW Women Writers database from 2017, being grounded in the Peircean semiotics.
Keywords: C. S. Peirce, semiotics, F. de Saussure, semiology, M. M. Bakhtin, theory of discourse, H. V. Geppert, realist novel, scientific research, archive, artistic research, information visualization
Published in RUNG: 12.04.2019; Views: 3298; Downloads: 0
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