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Post Colonial Dilettantes
Rajat Sharma, 2018, master's thesis

Abstract: The thesis begins a discourse into a need of an Indian film theory by exploring and analysing the plenitude of relevant western theories. In order to do so it lays down certain concrete relationships between ideologies, terminologies and their effect; as in what exactly post colonial means, why it is important to understand the impact of colonisation on culture and thus on one of the most mass consumed medium in India; films. The thesis explores the depths and complexity of the relationship of these two and the other influences that sprout from it for example the intensity of colonisation as a cultural project and its influence on the social reality of the people, artists, thinkers (and in our case specifically filmmakers) , who in turn reflect on this culture through various mediums including films. The thesis examines the western plethora of film theory in order to accentuate the contrast between film and cinema in the west and east and thus the subsequent need to bring forth a new ‘Eastern Film theory’.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Summary of found: ...Cinema, Feminist film theory, Laura Mulvey, Douchet, Lacan, Anti Imperialism, Third Cinema, Solanas and Getino,...
Keywords: Post Colonialism, Cultural genocide, Cinematic Apparatus, Baudry, Political cinema, Brecht, Counter Cinema, Feminist film theory, Laura Mulvey, Douchet, Lacan, Anti Imperialism, Third Cinema, Solanas and Getino, Third Manifesto, Indian Cinema, Satyajit Ray, Consumerism
Published: 19.11.2018; Views: 2902; Downloads: 123
.pdf Fulltext (4,58 MB)

Zvijačnost Uma
Nataša Lanieri Shakespeare, 2019, master's thesis

Abstract: Kipar Jakov Brdar upodobi Slavoja Žižka kot eksplozivno napravo meteor. Nebesno telo pridrvi v atmosfero, zagori in zasveti z bleščečo svetlobo. Usmeri se v izbrano tarčo z namenom, da jo raztrešči. Vse v skladu z Lacanom: vsaka simbolna struktura mora vsebovati element, ki uteleša trenutek nemogočega, okoli katerega je nameščena. To je hkrati nemogoče in realno. Metafora meteor poantira Žižkovo intelektualno prodornost, njegov eksplozivni levičarski aktivizem, njegovo napoved novega komunizma.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Summary of found: ...eksplozivna, naprava, meteor, Lacan, Žižek...
Keywords: eksplozivna, naprava, meteor, Lacan, Žižek
Published: 11.03.2019; Views: 2984; Downloads: 139
.pdf Fulltext (701,16 KB)

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