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A New Variant of Dynamic Pickup and Delivery Problem with Time Windows
Petr Valenta, Hana Rudová, Soumen Atta, 2020, published scientific conference contribution

Abstract: Motivated by the challenges faced by a logistics company, we present a new variant of the dynamic capacitated pickup and delivery problem with time windows (PDPTW) where excessive changes of unaffected routes are undesirable. In real-life scenarios, different dynamism sources such as canceled requests, change of demands, change of pickup, or delivery time windows often disrupt the existing planning of routes. The static PDPTW is solved with the current information about the problem well before executing the routes, such as the previous night. We present an algorithmic idea of a dynamic solver quickly addressing changes that occur due to the dynamism while avoiding excessive modifications to the previous solution. Since the company has not yet the dynamic data, new dynamic instances are generated from the existing static PDPTW instances in the literature. Preliminary results demonstrate that we can quickly incorporate the required changes. Future perspectives of this ongoing work are discussed in the end.
Keywords: Dynamic Pickup and Delivery Problem, Time Windows, Heuristic
Published in RUNG: 17.04.2023; Views: 2570; Downloads: 0
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Cost-effective Green Synthesis of Boron rich Carbide Coatings for IR Windows and Night Vision Optics
Mohanachandran Nair Sindhu Swapna, 2020, original scientific article

Abstract: The increasing demand for infrared (IR) window materials for various applications in optical imaging systems necessitates the development of cost-effective green techniques. Herein, the synthesis of refractory boron carbide (BC) using castor oil, as carbon precursor, and the preparation of IR transparent films by thermal vapor deposition technique is reported. Films are prepared with 1:3, 1:4, and 1:5 ratios of boric acid and castor oil, respectively. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Fourier-transform IR (FTIR) analyses reveal the structure of films prepared to be BC. The morphology of the films is analyzed by the atomic force microscopy (AFM) technique, and its dependence on precursor’s ratio is also studied. The spectroscopic characterization by the ultraviolet–visible–near IR (UV–vis–NIR) transmittance study reveals the potential of the films for IR window applications. The bandgap energy of the BC films determined from the Tauc plot yields a value of 2.33 eV. The absorption coefficient, extinction coefficient, refractive index, dissipation factor, and optical conductivity are also studied from the reflectance and transmittance data.
Keywords: Green Synthesis, Boron rich Carbide, coatings, IR Windows
Published in RUNG: 05.07.2022; Views: 1344; Downloads: 0
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Zasnova strežniškega sistema za delo študentov v računalniški učilnici
Bojan Korečič, 2006, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: Diplomsko delo obsega analizo in postopek postavitve ter upravljanje strežniškega sistema, ki omogoča vsakemu študentu svoje delovno okolje na kateremkoli računalniku v računalniški učilnici Politehnike Nova Gorica ter centralno upravljanje uporabniških računov. Analiziran je vsak od petih elementov sistema: operacijska sistema Windows in Linux ter trije strežniki. Strežnik Samba omogoča sobivanje obeh operacijskih sistemov in prenosljivost uporabniškega profila. Strežnik Kerberos nudi močno avtentikacijo in zagotavlja varno povezavo med strežnikom in odjemalcem,strežnik LDAP pa vsebuje centralno bazo uporabniških računov z njihovimi informacijami. Tako zasnovan sistem je poskusno nameščen in pripravljen za prenos v računalniško učilnico. Dodatno so analizirani še nekateri strežniki in aplikacije, kot so spletni strežnik Apache, programski jezik PHP, spletni poštni odjemalec SquirrelMail in internetni forum phpBB, ki bodo razširili zmožnosti sistema.
Keywords: diplomske naloge, avtentikacija, uporabniški računi, Linux, operacijski sitemi, Windows, strežniki, Kerberos, LDAP, Samba
Published in RUNG: 15.10.2013; Views: 6929; Downloads: 422
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