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High Photon Flux 70 eV HHG Source for Ultrafast Dynamics
R. Klas, 2016, published scientific conference contribution

Abstract: We present a high harmonic generation source driven by a nonlinearly compressed fiber laser system resulting in a record high photon flux of 1011 photons/s in single harmonics from 50- 70 eV. This unique property of the HHG source is underlined by static T-MOKE experiments with permalloy samples.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Summary of found: ...generation source driven by a nonlinearly compressed fiber laser system resulting in a record high...
Keywords: Ultrafast nonlinear optics, Multiharmonic generation, Lasers, fiber
Published: 08.08.2018; Views: 2699; Downloads: 0
.pdf Fulltext (243,35 KB)

Robustly invariant sets in fiber contracting bundle flows
Oliver Butterley, Carlangelo Liverani, 2013, original scientific article

Found in: ključnih besedah
Keywords: Robust, invariant sets, fiber contracting, bundle flows
Published: 26.10.2018; Views: 1957; Downloads: 0
.pdf Fulltext (187,36 KB)

Matrix Gla protein (MGP) is involved in elastic fiber calcification in the dermis of Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum (PXE) patients.
Federica Boraldi, Annovi Giulia, Paolinelli Devincenzi Chiara, Schurgers Leon J, Vermeer Cees, Quaglino Daniela, Pasquali Ronchetti Ivonne, Gheduzzi Dealba, 2007, original scientific article

Abstract: Mature MGP (Matrix g-carboxyglutamic acid protein) is known to inhibit soft connective tissues calcification. We investigated its possible involvement in pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE), a genetic disorder whose clinical manifestations are due to mineralization of elastic fibers. PXE patients have lower serum concentration of total MGP compared to controls (Po0.001). Antibodies specific for the noncarboxylated (Glu-MGP) and for the g-carboxylated (Gla-MGP) forms of MGP were assayed on ultrathin sections of dermis from controls and PXE patients. Normal elastic fibers in controls and patients were slightly positive for both forms of MGP, whereas Gla-MGP was more abundant within control’s than within patient’s elastic fibers (Po0.001). In patients’ calcified elastic fibers, Glu-MGP intensively colocalized with mineral precipitates, whereas Gla-MGP precisely localized at the mineralization front. Data suggest that MGP is present within elastic fibers and is associated with calcification of dermal elastic fibers in PXE.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Keywords: calcification, dermal fibroblast, elastic fiber, human skin, MGP, pseudoxanthoma elasticum
Published: 22.07.2019; Views: 2145; Downloads: 0
.pdf Fulltext (689,32 KB)

O[sub]2 loaded germanosilicate optical fibers
Blaž Winkler, Antonino Alessi, Luigi Giacomazzi, Imène Reghioua, Layla Martin-Samos, Sylvain Girard, Diego Di Francesca, Mattia Fanetti, Nicolas Richard, Matjaž Valant, 2022, original scientific article

Found in: ključnih besedah
Summary of found: ...optical fiber, O2 loading, point defects...
Keywords: optical fiber, O2 loading, point defects
Published: 25.04.2022; Views: 256; Downloads: 8
.pdf Fulltext (1,22 MB)
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Fiber Sensor based Pulmonary Function Test
SWAPNA MOHANACHANDRAN NAIR SINDHU, 2017, original scientific article

Found in: ključnih besedah
Keywords: Fiber optic sensor, Spirometer, Anemometer, Pulmonary function test
Published: 05.07.2022; Views: 116; Downloads: 0
.pdf Fulltext (821,47 KB)

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