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Archaeologies of the Face (II)
Eszter Polonyi, 2017, other component parts

Found in: ključnih besedah
Summary of found: studies, portrait photography, refugee crisis, Hungary, Ellis Island...
Keywords: media studies, portrait photography, refugee crisis, Hungary, Ellis Island
Published: 14.12.2020; Views: 1446; Downloads: 0
.pdf Fulltext (2,10 MB)

Béla Balázs and the Face in the Machine
Eszter Polonyi, unpublished conference contribution

Found in: ključnih besedah
Summary of found: studies, history of film and photography, science of physiognomy...
Keywords: media studies, history of film and photography, science of physiognomy
Published: 11.12.2020; Views: 1607; Downloads: 0
.pdf Fulltext (103,32 KB)

Paranoia in Images
Roberta Battiston, 2015, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: “Strah” je resnični problem z resnično rešitvijo, medtem ko je “paranoja” nekaj kar je nezavedno ustvarjeno v naših mislih in jih lahko tako popolnoma prevzame, je t.i. “naprava moči”, kot v svoji teoriji navaja Michel Foucault. Na področju umetnosti, se je s tem fenomenom ukvarjalo že mnogo umetnikov, med katerimi so umetniško gibanje Preraphaelites, Vincent Van Gogh, ekspresionizem z Edvardom Munchem, Jamesom Ensorjem, Emilom Noldom, Egonom Schielom in Oskarjem Kokoshko, prav tako pa tudi surrealizem z slikarji kot so Salvador Dali, Renè Magritte in Max Ernst, so razsikovali področja sanj in domišljije. V fotografiji so pričeli raziskovati notranji svet človeškega bitja, najprej skozi piktorialistično gibanje nato pa še čez surrealizem v katerem so se umetniki kot Man Ray, André Kertész, Hans Bellmer, Philippe Halsman pričeli z eksperimentirati z novimi tehnikami. Lewis Carroll se je vdano posvetil fotografiranju mlade deklice nekje v sredini 19. stoletja. Temo otroštva je raziskovala tudi Loretta Lux. Med neosurrealističnime fotografe lahko spadajo Jerry Uelsmann, Robert in Shana Parke Harrison, Scarlota Ban, Brooke Shaden, Meggie Taylor, Robert Kusterle, Maurizio Frullani, Serigo Culoto, Sergio Scabar, Ingalisa Maria Fina, Enzo Tedeschi, Lorella Klun, Jennifer B Thoreson (Hudson) in Joel Peter Witkin. Jaques Rancière in Roland Barthes na z svojimi teorijami podajata ključ za branje slik v ne-seriji “Tempus Fugit, paranoia manent”. V svoji raziskavi sem želela raziskati zgodovinski razvoj povezave med umetniki in paranojo v namen razumevanja kako se je aktualna tema razvijala skozi leta in jo uporabiti kot začetno točko na poti do ustvarjanja svojega vizualnega jezika.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Summary of found: ...#Fears #Paranoia #Devices of power #Biopolitics #Nightmares #Unconscious # Photography #Surrealism #Symbolism #Fairy tales...
Keywords: #Fears #Paranoia #Devices of power #Biopolitics #Nightmares #Unconscious #Photography #Surrealism #Symbolism #Fairy tales
Published: 24.09.2015; Views: 5386; Downloads: 218
.pdf Fulltext (5,36 MB)

Portrait of light
Marco Pelos Spagno, 2017, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: This work aims to research the basic structure of lighting in portraits in a controlled light situation. After providing a brief historical introduction to define where modern lighting comes from, I will describe and analyse the tools used to modify the light in a studio and the procedure to follow before a portrait session. I will present a series of images shot in a studio, and I will touch upon most possible basic lighting setups in a portrait session, from most simple ones to some more complex ones, describing the set of lights, the type of modifiers used, and the effects that the light can have on a viewer. My final aim is to build up a collection of light setups that can be helpful to anyone who wants to approach portrait photography and the studio workflow, not aiming to build a manual, but just providing a report on my personal research and study.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Summary of found: anyone who wants to approach portrait photography and the studio workflow, not aiming to...
Keywords: portrait, light, studio, study, technique, photography, bw, model, modifiers, controloflight, history, paintings, art, exposure
Published: 29.11.2017; Views: 4026; Downloads: 296
.pdf Fulltext (6,53 MB)

Tiziano Biagi, 2020, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: Some of the earliest pieces of evidence in art history show how people told stories with pictures and, throughout the centuries, this habit developed with the introduction of new techniques, themes, and tools. Given the value of authenticity that has often been ascribed to photography since its invention, this medium had to overcome criticism before its value as fine art was recognised. This diploma thesis analyses in which ways photography is capable to carry narratives. It also analyses the roles that the viewer, the photographer, and the image itself play in this process. To do so, this work examines notable theories on the topic, the intentions behind the photographers’ creative process, and the visual components of images. By focusing both on ideas introduced by scholars and on photographic works – including my diploma project Dune Mosse – the thesis underlines the importance that social and cultural contexts have in the narration of a story.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Keywords: Narrative, Storytelling, Interpretation, Context, Intention, Viewer, Image, Photographer, Photographic genres, Personal documentary photography
Published: 13.10.2020; Views: 2348; Downloads: 114
.pdf Fulltext (16,30 MB)

Uncovering the life of a transgender person in Pakistan
Reeba Sufyan, 2021, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: Documentary photography is the narrative based on facts and records of events in a report format. Although racial injustice and biased differences were common initially, the underlying objectivity of this thesis involves the main aim to display the utmost reality. It is a way to report stark realities that come into perspective with images of persons, places, or events. On the other hand, it is a form of representation from the photographer’s point of view. Although, there is no denying that a picture represents a thousand words and displays several perspectives. As a source of revealing the importance of documentary photography in the Indian subcontinent, this thesis will help to expose the sore point of a country that belittles a community of transgender persons. This photography documentary is showing the cruelty that is confronted by transgender persons in Pakistan. Based upon the timeline of nine months, the comparative study of two transgender persons reflects the complexity of their survival. My photography documentary has captured and frozen the instances from the daily existence of transgender persons, focusing on their lifestyle, living conditions, community environment, and personal life. Transgender identity, by birth or by choice, is a chilling fact marginalizing a person to a community where existence is difficult.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Summary of found: ...Documentary photography is the narrative based on facts and...
Keywords: Photography, Story, Documentary, Transgender, Pakistan, Narrative, Picture, Life, Documentary photography
Published: 09.09.2021; Views: 1424; Downloads: 113
URL Fulltext (0,00 KB)
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Hackers and Coders versus Viewers: The Stakes of Photography in an Era of Image Massification
Eszter Polonyi, 2021, review article

Abstract: The book Photography Off the Scale: Technologies and Theories of the Mass Image is, first of all, about quantities. Those with memories of pre-smartphone years may suspect that the images of this world have increased in number. Perhaps fewer, however, are aware of just how much. Among the first things we learn in this book is that, in 2018, over 30 million images were uploaded to Twitter, 52 million to Instagram, and 350 million to Facebook — daily (25). For someone who makes a handful of uploads a week, this was news. Who could possibly be looking at them? It turns out, no one. Even if everyone on Earth spent eight hours scrolling through images, they would not all get seen (25). The quantities are just too large. This book claims that the now unconscionable scale at which images circulate and are produced is because they are actually no longer tailored to the human. Interrogating an optics of “ec- centric metrics” (Dvořák), the book tackles one of the liveliest issues in image studies, media studies, and art history today — machine vision, or the vision of the human eye as it is extended by technical apparatuses. It is this seeing “by other means” that the book alleges has thrown the number of images “off the scale.”
Found in: ključnih besedah
Keywords: history of photography, digital humanities, art history
Published: 30.05.2022; Views: 522; Downloads: 0
.pdf Fulltext (85,22 KB)

Mobility Media: an Archaeology of Identity Photography through Science, Art and Visual Culture
Eszter Polonyi, unpublished conference contribution

Abstract: n an era of total surveillance, being in possession of a biometric ID document can still result in denial of one’s basic civil protections and human rights. The discovery of systematic errors in state-implemented facial recognition programs—such as in recognizing faces of color (Joy Buolamwini)—suggests the failure of current practices of global intelligence and mobility. This paper offers an archaeological investigation of the contemporary photo ID document. Returning to its invention in the 1920s, it examines the issues of conjectural knowledge (Carl Ginzburg), embodiment or tact (Béla Balázs) and the optical unconscious (Walter Benjamin) behind early “physiognomic” media.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Keywords: history of photography, surveillance studies, digital humanities, art history
Published: 31.05.2022; Views: 495; Downloads: 0
.pdf Fulltext (161,18 KB)

"Obstaja del vašega obraza, ki pripada državi"
2021, interview

Abstract: Covid-19 je na svetovni ravni okrepil državni nadzor, vse pogosteje moramo posegati po osebnih dokumentih, pri čemer je osrednji subjekt identifikacije postal človeški obraz – na katerem temeljijo tudi najnovejše tehnologije nadzora.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Summary of found: ...surveillance studies, history of photography, art history...
Keywords: surveillance studies, history of photography, art history
Published: 31.05.2022; Views: 478; Downloads: 4
.pdf Fulltext (9,21 MB)
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Women in Ruins: Agnes and Dora Bulwer's landscape photographs in Post-Risorgimento Italy
Martina Caruso, 2022, original scientific article

Abstract: The British photographers Agnes Bulwer (1856– 1940) and her sister Dora Ellinor Bulwer (1864– 1948) left a legacy of circa 1300 photographs and 890 negatives, date from 1890 to 1913, to the British School at Rome. The photographs are principally of landscapes taken in Rome and the surrounding countryside (the Roman Campagna) but also further afield in Italy and abroad. Many include archaeological and natural sites as well as monuments, art works, and homes and gardens in urban or rural scenes. Their landscape photographs offer a perspective that challenged the existing masculine gaze as developed in landscape photography under the colonial project of the British Empire. Unfettered by the archaeologist’s need for ascetic facts, the Bulwers pioneered an unusual vision of landscape, inspired by the progressive international environment of post-Unification Italy. Agnes and Dora Bulwer often photographed women, whether Italian peasants or travelling companions, presenting a social and gendered gaze that helps to reconsider this period in the light of a dawning international humanitarianism. In spite of their photographic legacy, Agnes and Dora Bulwer remain relatively unknown in the growing field of rediscovered early female photographers connected to archaeology or travel photography. This article reveals their work within a cross-cultural, historical and phenomenological analysis, contributing a new chapter to women’s photographic history, to travel and landscape photography and to the history of British photographers working in Italy.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Summary of found: ...existing masculine gaze as developed in landscape photography under the colonial project of the British...
Keywords: history of photography, landscape photography, archive, gender, archaeology, cultural tourism, travel photography, Italy, Rome, Roman Campagna, Post-Unification, Post-Risorgimento, Britain, British Empire, United Kingdom, colonialism, Victorian, Edwardian, humanitarian socialism, nineteenth century, twentieth century
Published: 11.01.2023; Views: 215; Downloads: 0
.pdf Fulltext (971,43 KB)

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