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Detection of gravitational waves
Gregor Mrak, 2016, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: This report mainly focuses on the first two detections of gravitational waves (GW). At the beginning of the thesis the historical background of GW explorations is discussed by pointing out some arguments and researchers that were essential for the progress. Continuing with the derivation based on the theory of general relativity, in order to express where certain properties derive. In the main part of the report, the subject of interest becomes Laser interferometer gravitational-wave observatory (LIGO), beginning with the problems occurring on the way to detection, describing different noise sources one by one. After pointing out the problems, solutions are discussed, namely the technological advances made to lower the background noise as much as possible. The chapter (4) points out different parts of the detector which are implemented to produce a clearer signal. As only physical noise reduction methods are not enough, digital signal processing algorithms are mentioned as well which are used to analyze the data. Subsequently the required theoretical knowledge is given, so the main part ends with the analysis of actual data taken from LIGO’s public release for both GW150914 and GW151226 events (first and second official detections). In the conclusion of the report a brief descriptions of various detectors besides Ligo are given and some insight of the future detectors that are planned to be built.
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Keywords: Gravitational waves, Ligo, Binary black hole merger, gravitational wave interferometry
Published: 27.09.2016; Views: 5507; Downloads: 271
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Pump-probe photothermal self-mixing system for highly sensitive trace detection
Dorota Korte, Humberto Cabrera, Evelio E. Ramırez-Miquet, Joseph J. Niemela, Jose Juan Suárez-Vargas, John Fredy Barrera Ramırez, 2018, original scientific article

Found in: ključnih besedah
Summary of found: ...thermal lens, self-mixing interferometry, trace detection...
Keywords: thermal lens, self-mixing interferometry, trace detection
Published: 01.03.2019; Views: 2378; Downloads: 0
.pdf Fulltext (819,63 KB)

Speckle interferometric investigation of argon pressure-induced surface roughness modifications in RF-sputtered MoO[sub]3 film
S. Soumya, R. Arun Kumar, S. Sreejyothi, Vimal Raj, Mohanachandran Nair Sindhu Swapna, Sankaranarayana Iyer Sankararaman, 2021, original scientific article

Abstract: Film quality analysis is of more considerable signifcance due to its diversifed applications in various felds of technology. The present work reports the speckle interferometric analysis of the argon pressure-induced surface roughness modifcations of RF sputtered MoO3 flms. The paper suggests a new method of surface quality analysis of thin flms through a parameter δ, which is the diference between the initial and fnal inertia moment values in the study of the thermal-induced dynamic speckle pattern. The limitations of root mean square surface roughness analysis of the atomic force microscopic image of the flms is also exemplifed. The research suggests that argon pressure plays a vital role in the surface property of RF sputtered flms and also that the dynamic speckle analysis can give precise information about the quality of flms. The contour plot of particle displacement vector under thermal stress, suggests the degree of uniformity in the distribution of particles in the flm.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Summary of found: ...speckle pattern interferometry, time history of speckle pattern, cross correlation,...
Keywords: speckle pattern interferometry, time history of speckle pattern, cross correlation, inertia moment
Published: 04.07.2022; Views: 91; Downloads: 0
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