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Monitoring of the particles from roads using lidar technique
Urška Koren, William Eichinger, 2009, objavljeni povzetek znanstvenega prispevka na konferenci

Objavljeno v RUNG: 07.02.2024; Ogledov: 756; Prenosov: 0

Monitoring of the particles above the unpaved road by lidar technique
Urška Koren, William Eichinger, 2011, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Basic concepts of laser-based technique LIDAR (LIght Detection and Ranging) are discussed in this article as well as advantages and disadvantages. Presented are measurements of relative particulate concentrations above an unpaved road which were performed in a rural area near the Iowa City, Iowa, USA. The LIDAR system used in these measurements is a small, scanning LIDAR that uses elastic backscattering to obtain information on the amount of atmospheric aerosols. In the elastic LIDAR, light scattered back towards the LIDAR system from molecules and particles in the atmosphere is collected by a telescope and is detected with a photodiode. A Big Sky Laser model CFR-200 Nd:YAG laser operating at 1.064 microns is used to generate the LIDAR's outgoing signal. The laser is attached directly to the top of a 26 cm, f/10 Cassegrian telescope. A series of pulses are summed to make a single scan. A series of scans is used to build up a two- dimensional map of relative atmospheric aerosol concentrations. With a maximum range of about 6-8 km, a range resolution of 2.5 m, and a time resolution of 30 s, the LIDAR is capable of very detailed mapping of aerosols.
Ključne besede: LIDAR technique, particulate concentration, traffic emissions
Objavljeno v RUNG: 12.07.2023; Ogledov: 961; Prenosov: 2
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Majda Koren: El inspector Joe
Majda Koren, Barbara Pregelj, Damjan Stepančič, Francisco Tomsich, 2022, umetniško delo

Opis: Prevod stripa z naslovov Inšpektor Jože, soavtor prevod aje Francisco Tomsich
Ključne besede: prevodi v španščino
Objavljeno v RUNG: 12.09.2022; Ogledov: 1221; Prenosov: 0
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Ljubezen v pismih : dopisovanje med Felicito Koglot in Francem Pericem
Felicita Koglot, Franc Peric, 2022

Ključne besede: Slovenke, ženske, Primorska, emigracija, pisma
Objavljeno v RUNG: 01.03.2022; Ogledov: 1962; Prenosov: 0

Histerija v diskurzu na Slovenskem do 1. svetovne vojne
Manca Koren, 2017, diplomsko delo

Opis: V diplomski nalogi je predstavljeno, kako se pojem histerija pojavlja v slovenskem diskurzu od prve najdene objave do prve svetovne vojne. V uvodnem delu so zapisane razlage besede histerija v Slovarju slovenskega knjižnega jezika, Etimološkem slovarju in Slovarju psihiatričnih izrazov. Sledi opis bolezni in največjih strokovnjakov, ki so se z njo ukvarjali (Jean-Marie Charcot in Sigmund Freud). V naslednjem poglavju je predstavljeno, kako so histerijo zdravili, dojemali in sprejemali v slovenskem prostoru. Nato je obravnavan pojav besede histerija in njenih izpeljank v strokovnem, publicističnem in literarnem diskurzu. Poglavje je sestavljeno iz različnih odlomkov iz teh besedil, ob katerih je razloženo, kako se histerija pojavlja v različnih kontekstih in pomenih.
Ključne besede: histerija, Jean-Marie Charcot, Sigmund Freud, histerija na Slovenskem, Josip Vošnjak, Zofka Kveder, Fran Govekar, Janko Kersnik, Vladimir Levstik, Pavlina Pajk, Adolf Robida
Objavljeno v RUNG: 12.09.2017; Ogledov: 5967; Prenosov: 308
.pdf Celotno besedilo (2,78 MB)

Extraction of Organochlorine Pesticides from Plastic Pellets and Plastic Type Analysis
Maryline Pflieger, Petra Makorič, Manca Kovač Viršek, Špela Koren, 2017, pregledni znanstveni članek

Opis: Plastic resin pellets, categorized as microplastics (≤5 mm in diameter), are small granules that can be unintentionally released to the environment during manufacturing and transport. Because of their environmental persistence, they are widely distributed in the oceans and on beaches all over the world. They can act as a vector of potentially toxic organic compounds (e.g., polychlorinated biphenyls) and might consequently negatively affect marine organisms. Their possible impacts along the food chain are not yet well understood. In order to assess the hazards associated with the occurrence of plastic pellets in the marine environment, it is necessary to develop methodologies that allow for rapid determination of associated organic contaminant levels. The present protocol describes the different steps required for sampling resin pellets, analyzing adsorbed organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) and identifying the plastic type. The focus is on the extraction of OCPs from plastic pellets by means of a pressurized fluid extractor (PFE) and on the polymer chemical analysis applying Fourier Transform-InfraRed (FT-IR) spectroscopy. The developed methodology focuses on 11 OCPs and related compounds, including dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) and its two main metabolites, lindane and two production isomers, as well as the two biologically active isomers of technical endosulfan. This protocol constitutes a simple and rapid alternative to existing methodology for evaluating the concentration of organic contaminants adsorbed on plastic pieces.
Ključne besede: Environmental Sciences, Issue 125, Microplastics, resin pellets, pesticides, persistent organic pollutants, organochlorine pesticides, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, endosulfan, hexachlorocyclohexane, lindane, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, pressurized fluid extractor
Objavljeno v RUNG: 10.07.2017; Ogledov: 4781; Prenosov: 0

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