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Use of color in animation : diploma thesis
Maja Grčki, 2022, diplomsko delo

Opis: Color is a powerful tool that helps us set the mood, however, its importance is often left unnoticed while watching any form of media (movies, photography, commercials, books, etc.). Both art theory and human psychology show evidence that color and lighting have a large impact on the perception of the viewer which is why this thesis will focus on exploring what impact color and correct lighting of a scene have on people's minds and how it can be used in animation to convey the correct emotions and enhance the viewer’s experience. Throughout this thesis we will cover topics related to color theory, light and how animation studios work on their films in terms of color and lighting. Each chapter will help understand and learn about different uses of color, such as color psychology and symbolism of colors, color scripts, and lighting, and in the end, a case study to conclude everything mentioned before. To do so, this thesis will take a look at Pixar and Disney and their movies such as Coco (Pixar, 2017), Tangled (Walt Disney, 2010) and Finding Nemo (Pixar, 2003) as well as different color theory studies. We will also use the example of the practical part of the diploma work, animated music video Crystal Clear, to see how the colors were used and what the thought process behind it was.
Ključne besede: Color, Animation, Mood, Psychology, Light, Pixar, Disney, ColorScript
Objavljeno v RUNG: 22.02.2022; Ogledov: 2810; Prenosov: 138
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