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Olivera Batajić Sretenović, 2022, doktorska disertacija

Objavljeno: 09.01.2023; Ogledov: 178; Prenosov: 0
.pdf Polno besedilo (310,01 KB)

Algebraic hyperstructures in the model theory of valued fields
Alessandro Linzi, 2022, doktorska disertacija

Ključne besede: hyperfield, valued field, algebra, model theory, quantifier elimination
Objavljeno: 27.10.2022; Ogledov: 444; Prenosov: 21
.pdf Polno besedilo (3,41 MB)
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Reducibility in algebraic hyperstructures
Milica Kankaras, 2022, doktorska disertacija

Objavljeno: 05.05.2022; Ogledov: 640; Prenosov: 0

Unravelling the molecular basis of hydroxyapatite weathering driven by the ectomycorrhizal fungus Paxillus involutus
Christina Paparokidou, 2018, doktorska disertacija

Opis: Ectomycorrhizal fungi (EMF) form symbiotic partnerships with tree roots and are able to chemically weather inorganic phosphorus (Pi)-rich minerals, supplying Pi to their host in return for photosynthates. The fungal-driven nutrient cycling from mineral weathering plays a pivotal role in ecosystems and crops productivity, as well as geochemical cycles. The aim of the study presented in this thesis is to unravel the molecular mechanisms by which the EM fungus Paxillus involutus weathers the Pi-rich mineral hydroxyapatite (HAP), either non-symbiotically or in symbiosis with its host tree Pinus sylvestris. Development of an artificial system to study P. involutus responses to varying concentration of Pi led to the identification of five high-affinity Pi transporter genes, of which the expression varies in an inversely proportional manner to Pi availability. Using the same system, whole-transcriptomic data from fungal hyphae unravelled the molecular basis of the EMF ability in Pi uptake at the global gene scale, revealing that EM symbiosis can directly affect Pi-responsive fungal genes such as the Pi transporter PiPT4. A second artificial system was used to study HAP solubilisation driven by P. involutus, which was confirmed by EDX spectroscopy data showing depletion of Pi from the HAP crystals, along with secondary minerals formation. Whole-transcriptomic analysis revealed that EM symbiosis induces a different set of HAP weathering genes in P. involutus hyphae, compared to the fungus growing non-symbiotically, including the specific expression of organic acid metabolic genes, which resulted in enhanced HAP solubilisation. Metabolomic analysis led to the identification of multiple secreted metabolites enriched in the presence of HAP in P. involutus systems grown non-symbiotically or in symbiosis with P. sylvestris seedlings. The analysis also led to the identification of putative novel fungal weathering agents. Results from transcriptomic and metabolomic analyses were ultimately combined in a model of HAP weathering by P. involutus.
Ključne besede: Paxillus involutus, Pinus sylvestris, ectomycorrhizal symbiosis, hydroxyapatite, SEM-EDX, fungal mineral weathering, fungal weathering metabolites, RNA-seq, UPLC-Q-TOF-MS
Objavljeno: 03.05.2022; Ogledov: 656; Prenosov: 0
.pdf Polno besedilo (33,58 MB)

The perception of intonation in native and non-native linguistic contexts and by different individuals
Alessandra Zappoli, 2019, doktorska disertacija

Objavljeno: 24.11.2021; Ogledov: 1065; Prenosov: 0
.pdf Polno besedilo (9,04 MB)

Features of narrative language in fluent aphasia
Sara Andreetta, 2014, doktorska disertacija

Ključne besede: aphasia, discourse analysis, language evaluation, dissertations
Objavljeno: 18.11.2021; Ogledov: 1223; Prenosov: 0
.pdf Polno besedilo (2,76 MB)

Reading between the lines
Greta Mazzaggio, 2018, doktorska disertacija

Opis: This thesis' aim is to add some pieces to the complex puzzle on the mechanism behind the comprehension of conversational implicatures. To do so, in a series of experiment we manipulated both the type of implicatures (scalar vs. ad-hoc) and the population under investigation (typical vs. atypical; children vs. adults).
Ključne besede: scalar implicatures, experimental pragmatics, autism developmental disorder, bilingualism, typically developing children, theory of mind, dissertations
Objavljeno: 20.09.2021; Ogledov: 1265; Prenosov: 0
.pdf Polno besedilo (3,98 MB)

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