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Assessing Environmental Risks in Credit Approval Procedures in Slovenia in the 1970s
Željko Oset, 2019, unpublished conference contribution

Keywords: Okolje, zgodovina, tveganja, bančništvo, modernizacija
Published in RUNG: 06.09.2019; Views: 4061; Downloads: 0

Problem prvega branja Krsta pri Savici : (empirična raziskava)
Zoran Božič, 2008, published scientific conference contribution

Abstract: Reading classic poetry, and Prešeren's poetry in particular, seems to be something special, a fact already pointed out in Boža KrakarVogel's researches. Such demanding texts can be made more comprehensible to a contemporary young reader by being modernized, commented on, prosified, and simplified. I did empirical research with the first year classes at Splošna gimnazija Tolmin high school (high school students of each class were asked to read the first twelve octaves of Krst (the Baptism) in three versions –the poetry only, the prose only and the poetry parallel to the prose- the reading was immediately followed by a questionnaire including three reading comprehension tasks). According to the convincing research results, reading Krst pri Savici (The Baptism on the Savica)on one's own proved to be an extremely hard task for an average-motivated high school student, but the referential meanings can be significantly improved if, while reading, students can have a prose version for each stanza at their disposal.
Keywords: branje, poezija, interpretacija, Prešeren, poučevanje, šolsko branje, simplifikacija, prozifikacija, modernizacija, didaktika, Krst pri Savici, recepcija literature
Published in RUNG: 18.12.2017; Views: 4200; Downloads: 0
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Prosification - a didactic means of improving reception of Krst pri Savici (The Baptism at the Savica)
Zoran Božič, 2010, original scientific article

Abstract: Članek obravnava didaktična sredstva za izboljšanje razumevanja zahtevne klasične poezije: modernizacijo, komentarizacijo in prozifikacijo. Empirični preizkus pri dijakih gimanzije je pokazal največjo uporabnost slednje.
Keywords: slovenska književnost, slovenska poezija, Krst pri Savici, ep, književna didaktika, literarna recepcija, prozifikacija, modernizacija, komentarizacija
Published in RUNG: 15.12.2017; Views: 4076; Downloads: 0
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Mož in oblakov vojsko je obojno / končala temna noč : Razumevanje Prešernovih pesmi kot znanstveni in šolski problem
2011, professional article

Abstract: Članek predstavlja težavnost razumevanja Prešenovih pesmi in ustrezna didaktična sredstva iz izboljšanje recepcije. Empirični preizkus potrjuje uporabnost prozifikacije.
Keywords: didaktika, recepcija, empirični preizkus, France Prešeren, klasična poezija, modernizacija, komentarizacija, prozifikacija, Krst pri Savici
Published in RUNG: 15.12.2017; Views: 4089; Downloads: 0
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