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Non-oxidative calcination enhances the methane dry reforming performance of ▫$Ni/CeO_{2−x}$▫ catalysts under thermal and photo-thermal conditions
Kristijan Lorber, Vasyl Shvalya, Janez Zavašnik, Damjan Vengust, Iztok Arčon, Matej Huš, Andraž Pavlišič, Janvit Teržan, Uroš Cvelbar, Blaž Likozar, Petar Djinović, 2024, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: We analyzed the effect of the calcination atmosphere and visible-light contribution to an accelerated reaction rate and improved H2 selectivity over 2 wt% Ni/CeO2−x nanorod catalysts. Spectroscopic and structural characterization was performed by operando DRIFTS, in situ Raman, UV-vis and XAS techniques, which were complemented by DFT calculations. Calcination in an argon or H2 atmosphere yields 15% more active catalysts in the thermally driven reaction, which are also more susceptible to light-induced rate acceleration compared to the catalyst calcined in air. The most active 2Ni/CeO2 catalyst calcined in hydrogen converts methane with a rate of 7.5 mmol (gcat min)−1 and produces a H2/ CO ratio of 0.6 at 460 °C when stimulated by a combination of visible light and thermal energy. In the absence of visible light illumination and at an identical catalyst temperature, the achieved methane rate was 4.2 mmol (gcat min)−1 and the H2/CO ratio was 0.49. The non-oxidative calcination improves nickel dispersion and the formation of subnanometer sized Ni clusters, together with a higher abundance of surface and bulk oxygen vacancies in ceria nanorods. The Ni–Ov–Ce3+components constitute the catalytically active sites under visible light illumination, which enable the DRM reaction to proceed with an Ea value of 20 kJ mol−1. Visible light also induces the following changes in the 2Ni/CeO2−x catalyst during the DRM reaction: (1) decomposition and desorption of carbonates from the nickel–ceria interface sites, (2) reduced population of nickel surface with carbonyl species and (3) promoted adsorption and dissociation of methane.
Ključne besede: methane dry reforming performance, calcination
Objavljeno v RUNG: 05.07.2024; Ogledov: 258; Prenosov: 6
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Defining worst-performing buildings in Slovenia based on EPCs
Marjana Šijanec-Zavrl, Henrik Gjerkeš, 2023, objavljeni znanstveni prispevek na konferenci

Opis: The 2021 EC proposal for EPBD recast planned inter alia the harmonization of energy performance certificates (EPCs) across EU and definition of minimum energy performance (MEP) standards to support the renovation of worst-performing buildings. Rescaling of EPCs to a common EU ranking and consequently setting MEP standards is a task for the near future, but current planning of building renovation to meet decarbonization by 2050 may only relay on data in Slovenian EPCs from 2013-2022 data base. The paper presents the analysis of energy related indicators in existing Slovenian EPCs in order to demonstrate that existing EPCs issued in last decade can be used to define 15% of worst-performing buildings prioritized for deep and NZEB renovation, if combined with other indicators, like heat demand.
Ključne besede: energy performance indicators, decarbonization, energy efficiency, building renovation
Objavljeno v RUNG: 27.11.2023; Ogledov: 841; Prenosov: 4
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Implementation of the EPBD in Slovenia – Status in 2020
Marjana Šijanec Zavrl, Miha Tomšič, Henrik Gjerkeš, Erik Potočar, 2021, končno poročilo o rezultatih raziskav

Opis: The Concerted Action EPBD (CA EPBD) addresses the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). It aims to contribute to the reduction of energy use in European buildings, through the exchange of knowledge and best practices in the field of energy efficiency and energy savings between all 28 EU Member States plus Norway. The CA EPBD is a joint initiative between the EU Member States and the European Commission. It involves representatives of national ministries or their affiliated institutions who are in charge of preparing the technical, legal and administrative framework for the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive in each EU Member State, plus Norway. The objective is to enhance the sharing of information and experiences from national adoption and implementation of this important European legislation. The transposition of the EPBD in Slovenia is the overall responsibility of the Ministry of Infrastructure and was primarily transposed by the Energy Act (EZ-1), covering the topics of NZEB, energy performance certification, inspection of heating and AC systems and energy efficiency information programmes. The Act on Energy Efficiency (ZURE) integrates the EZ-1 articles related to the EPBD. The revision of the building codes (PURES) is still in progress and planned for publication in late 2021. It will contain detailed technical requirements for NZEB based on the technical definition given in the national NZEB action plan, and the revision of the calculation methodology according to a new set of CEN EPBD standards. Important recent steps in EPBD implementation are the application of the central national electronic register of EPCs and associated software, the independent control system for EPCs, first steps in the cross-linking of e-registries for EPCs, inspections and public buildings, as well as wide information activities implemented by the Eco Fund concerning financial instruments available for the energy renovation of buildings.
Ključne besede: Concerted Action, Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, Act on Energy Efficiency, Slovenia
Objavljeno v RUNG: 02.11.2023; Ogledov: 951; Prenosov: 10
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Unlearning taboo
Peter Purg, 2023, umetniško delo

Opis: Along the TTT 2023 programme, the performer selected and remixed fragments of both artworks (installations and performances) as well as discursive contributions in a way that corresponds to the principles of Bertolt Brecht’s “Lehrstücke,” the so-called learning or teaching pieces that deconstruct and expose the mechanisms of (power) relationships inherent to the (media/art) system in question. Provoking both rational and irrational perspectives, possibilities of (un)learning through acting, playing roles, adopting postures etc. was explored, dissolving (or at least questioning) the divide between authors and audiences, both invited (in Brechtian terms) to acquire attitudes rather than to consume an entertainment.
Ključne besede: unlearning, deconstruction, roleplay, participative performance, transgressive formats
Objavljeno v RUNG: 02.10.2023; Ogledov: 1000; Prenosov: 6
.pdf Celotno besedilo (6,34 MB)
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Unlearning taboo
Peter Purg, 2023, objavljeni povzetek znanstvenega prispevka na konferenci

Ključne besede: unlearning, deconstruction, roleplay, participative performance
Objavljeno v RUNG: 28.09.2023; Ogledov: 905; Prenosov: 4
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Comparison of Effectiveness between Traditional and Digital Marketing in a Selected Company
Veronika Stoilkovska, 2022, diplomsko delo

Opis: The thesis contains the differences between traditional and digital marketing, a comparison between the advantages and disadvantages for both marketing methods, types of channels they have, methods of calculating the effectiveness of both methods and research to show how theory can be put into application in the real world, and what kind of results come out. The research is based on data from a selected company, Bolton Adriatic d.o.o., where there are consumer brands from three types of industries: house cleaning brand, food brand, and personal care brand. These brands are introduced by traditional ways of marketing, digital ways of marketing, and both marketing ways. The goal of the research is to show the performance of different channels in the year of 2020. The approach to the research is secondary based. Quantitative data was gathered from archives and analysed further into descriptive representation.
Ključne besede: Traditional marketing, digital marketing, effectiveness, data, performance, comparison, metrics, key performance indicators, advantages and disadvantages
Objavljeno v RUNG: 14.09.2022; Ogledov: 1672; Prenosov: 54
.pdf Celotno besedilo (1,56 MB)

Peter Purg, predavanje na tuji univerzi

Opis: A lot to share, Purg has been involved in Go!2025, the winning of the European Capital of Culture title by Nova Gorica and Gorizia twin towns on the Slovenian-Italian border and is active in setting up the cross-regional “ekscenter” hub of creative practices, joining art, entrepreneurship and community. Currently, he leads the New Media and the Art-Science-Technology modules in the Digital//Media Arts and Practices graduate//postgraduate program at the School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica, where he acts as Associate Professor, projects coordinator as well as expert across realms of digital culture and media. He curated the 20th international media/contemporary art festival Pixxelpoint 2019 and successfully lead international projects across art, culture, and academia such as MAST – Module in Art, Science and Technology, ADRIART (Advancing Digitally Renewed Interactions in Art Teaching) or PAIC – Participatory Art for Invisible Communities. His scientific inquiries include media arts pedagogy, interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation, media art and media ecology. His artistic interests range from (lecture) performances and intermedia installations to public-space interventions as well as participatory creative processes. Join us!
Ključne besede: talk, lecture performance, lunch, CV, new media, transdisciplinary
Objavljeno v RUNG: 22.02.2022; Ogledov: 2314; Prenosov: 0
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Quo vadis 2.0
Peter Purg, 2021, umetniško delo

Opis: When asked "Quo Vadis?", Saint Peter decided to follow Jesus back to Rome, where he was crucified upside down. In this performance, the increasingly alienated condition of communication is reflected between remote social and present physical media. "Quo vadis? participative crucifixion performance by pETER Peter Purg , 22.9., Kortil gallery, Rijeka, Croatia >>
Ključne besede: performance, participative, intermedia
Objavljeno v RUNG: 23.09.2021; Ogledov: 2019; Prenosov: 0
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Ki(n) : accompanying the self towards a Lived Ethics of planetary kinship and care
2020, radijska ali televizijska oddaja, podkast, intervju, novinarska konferenca

Ključne besede: interspecies reciprocity, language of kinship, 1-2-1 performance, power relations, the gaze, feedback loop, lived experience
Objavljeno v RUNG: 23.02.2021; Ogledov: 2483; Prenosov: 10
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Plants are my fellow DJs
2020, radijska ali televizijska oddaja, podkast, intervju, novinarska konferenca

Ključne besede: plat art, acoustics, sonic arts, performance, transpecies, anthropocene, bioart
Objavljeno v RUNG: 22.02.2021; Ogledov: 2444; Prenosov: 25
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