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Political pressure and museums in times of change : lecture at the seminar Managing values: values in management, 6 April 2022, online
Kaja Širok, 2022, prispevek na konferenci brez natisa

Opis: What are the values ​​of each cultural organisation? Why should they be defined and publicly acknowledged? How are they expressed? And, most of all, how do cultural organisations identify, cultivate and transmit important values ​​to the communities in which they operate?
Ključne besede: Museum management, Museums, Politics
Objavljeno v RUNG: 14.05.2024; Ogledov: 267; Prenosov: 0
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Strategy for rural heritage regeneration in China : integrating community and government in governance: a case study of traditional villages in Luoning county :
Wendi Wang, 2024, doktorska disertacija

Opis: The Chinese countryside has long been associated with cultural continuity, albeit in contradictory ways. It has been marginalized for several decades, while all development efforts have focused on urbanization. However, as the tensions and paradoxes of modern urban life become increasingly obvious, the countryside is once again recognized as an enduring symbol of authentic national values. Chinese traditional cultural heritage is rooted in Chinese traditional villages. In fact, being built before the coming of the Republic of China, those villages nowadays still possess a great deal of very important material and immaterial forms of cultural heritage, as a historical record of the Chinese nation development. Through the examination and study of traditional villages in Luoning, and the perspective of theories of architectural conservation theory, community co-construction, and private-public partnership, the dissertation proposes a hybrid county governance model to maximize the stakeholder's functions roles, and operational procedures in the preservation and development of the traditional villages. Thus, through the integration of three stability perspectives—cultural, economic, and social —the dissertation provides the government's optimization strategy for heritage preservation. In the first case study, the governance of Zhangzhuang's traditional village is examined. The village's residents share responsibility for one another and are frequently connected by strong family ties and regular community organization in decision-making. Unfortunately, this thriving community-led government is insufficiently prepared to deal with the expanding tourism industry, it fails when it comes to overarching development objectives, and it lacks substantial experience in the preservation of historic structures. The Second case study investigates the government-led traditional types of villages. These are characterized by low public and community participation, and underdeveloped commodity economies, but being usually of outstanding importance, they result rich in traditional material and intangible cultural resources and have great potential for developing a tourism sector. Government-led efforts to reactivate the development of these villages have the advantages of credibility and authority, preferential policy formulation, and government short-term funding. However, these villages face severe problems in terms of community involvement, complementary market economies, and insufficient long-term government funding. This condition is investigated in the second case of the government's conception and promotion of the "Hou Shangzhuang Village Traditional Village Restoration" project. Despite some initial success, the project came to a standstill due to the competing interests of businesses, the government, and the community. The third case study looks into traditional villages where the primary development component is driven by businesses, creating conditions for the growth of a market economy. The analysis demonstrates that enterprise investments benefit from complementary capital input, resource integration, and effective management. However, the issue of uneven income and benefit distribution, as well as excessive consumption of public resources, pose a serious threat to both: the authenticity and integrity of cultural heritage, as well as the fair and sustainable development of local communities. This situation is examined in the case study of Qianhe Village, where the tourism industry has grown through multiple investment operations by private enterprises. The dissertation examines diverse hybrid governance models for each of these three different cultural, social, and economic heritage contexts. In specific it points to the role of government to efficiently design, validate, and promote responsive solutions for the resilience of cultural heritage of traditional villages in China.
Ključne besede: Heritage, Traditional Chinese village preservation, planning and management, Government, Governance, Participation, Community Co-construction
Objavljeno v RUNG: 11.03.2024; Ogledov: 497; Prenosov: 12
.pdf Celotno besedilo (9,17 MB)

Max-type reliability in uncertain post-disaster networks through the lens of sensitivity and stability analysis
Ahmad Hosseini, 2024, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: The functionality of infrastructures, particularly in densely populated areas, is greatly impacted by natural disasters, resulting in uncertain networks. Thus, it is important for crisis management professionals and computer-based systems for transportation networks (such as expert systems) to utilize trustworthy data and robust computational methodologies when addressing convoluted decision-making predicaments concerning the design of transportation networks and optimal routes. This study aims to evaluate the vulnerability of paths in post-disaster transportation networks, with the aim of facilitating rescue operations and ensuring the safe delivery of supplies to affected regions. To investigate the problem of links' tolerances in uncertain networks and the resiliency and reliability of paths, an uncertainty theory-based model that employs minmax optimization with a bottleneck objective function is used. The model addresses the uncertain maximum reliable paths problem, which takes into account uncertain risk variables associated with links. Rather than using conventional methods for calculating the deterministic tolerances of a single element in combinatorial optimization, this study introduces a generalization of stability analysis based on tolerances while the perturbations in a group of links are involved. The analysis defines set tolerances that specify the minimum and maximum values that a designated group of links could simultaneously fluctuate while maintaining the optimality of the max-type reliable paths. The study shows that set tolerances can be considered as well-defined and proposes computational methods to calculate or bound such quantities - which were previously unresearched and difficult to measure. The model and methods are demonstrated to be both theoretically and numerically efficient by applying them to four subnetworks from our case study. In conclusion, this study provides a comprehensive approach to addressing uncertainty in reliability problems in networks, with potential applications in various fields.
Ključne besede: Disaster Management, Network Reliability, Stability Analysis, Transportation, Uncertainty
Objavljeno v RUNG: 24.11.2023; Ogledov: 638; Prenosov: 3
URL Povezava na datoteko
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Armand Zavec, 2023, magistrsko delo

Opis: Namen magistrskega dela je na podlagi proučitve teoretičnih izhodišč o strateškem managementu izdelati strateški načrt za družinsko podjetje Joli, v katerem se ukvarjajo z izdelavo in trženjem naravne kozmetike. Magistrsko delo je razdeljeno na dva dela, teoretičnega in empiričnega. Najprej smo uporabili kvantitativno znanstvenoraziskovalno metodo. Opravili smo sistematični pregled dosedanjih empiričnih raziskav, da bi ugotovili, katera orodja, metode in tehnike strateškega načrtovanja so bili najpogosteje uporabljeni pri 15 magistrskih delih v Republiki Sloveniji. V empiričnem delu magistrskega dela smo uporabili študijo primera, s pomočjo katere smo izdelali strateški načrt za družinsko podjetje Joli, ki izhaja iz dejavnikov procesnega modela politike organizacije, ter analizirali slabosti, prednosti, izzive in nevarnosti na področju človeških, tehnično-tehnoloških in organizacijskih virov v izbranem družinskem podjetju. Strateški načrt bo v pomoč izbranemu podjetju pri iskanju priložnosti za nov izdelek, njegov trajnostni razvoj in uspešno konkurenčnost na tržišču.
Ključne besede: analiza ekosistema, analiza SPIN, družinsko podjetje, strateški management, strateški načrt.
Objavljeno v RUNG: 22.09.2023; Ogledov: 787; Prenosov: 17
.pdf Celotno besedilo (825,52 KB)

Time-dependent optimization of a multi-item uncertain supply chain network: A hybrid approximation algorithm
Ahmad Hosseini, 2015, izvirni znanstveni članek

Ključne besede: Supply chain management, Mathematical programming, Distribution, Approximation, Uncertainty
Objavljeno v RUNG: 14.02.2023; Ogledov: 1323; Prenosov: 0
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Irena Subotić, 2022, magistrsko delo

Opis: The need for a Circular Economy became more than obvious, and in line with that, technologies for utilization of renewables and waste-to-energy transformation have become of utmost importance in climate change mitigation. This master thesis deals with treating the waste after olive oil extraction and using anaerobic digestion to turn the waste into a biogas that later can be used for electricity and heat production. Since there are two options for location, it was necessary to use decision support models to remove subjectivity and bias from the decision-making process. After the decision was made, there was an economic analysis of a biogas plant project that later can be used for establishing a new company in Italy. According to the economic indicators, with a profit of 5.243.000 EUR after ten years and an investment return of less than five years, a biogas plant in Italy is a profitable investment. From the aspect of Circular Economy, the biogas plant successfully fits the concept. It has added value to the local community by turning one process by-product into primary material for another process, creating jobs and generating revenue for the municipal budget while preserving natural resources.
Ključne besede: circular economy, decision support models, biogas, strategic management
Objavljeno v RUNG: 11.07.2022; Ogledov: 2020; Prenosov: 67
.pdf Celotno besedilo (2,14 MB)

Analiza finančne uspešnosti gospodarskih družb v občini Ajdovščina in občini Vipava : magistrsko delo
Andreja Petrič, 2022, magistrsko delo

Opis: Namen magistrskega dela je bil raziskati in preučiti strokovno literaturo konstrukta uspešnosti ter prikaz meril in kazalnikov, s pomočjo katerih je uspešnost mogoče ugotavljati. Analizo smo opravili s pomočjo enajstih dostopnih kazalnikov o uspešnosti v javno dostopni bazi GVIN Bisnode. V empiričnem delu smo opravili sistematičen pregled izbranih finančnih meril in kazalnikov v 111 podjetjih v občinah Ajdovščina in Vipava za obdobje 2019 ter jih medsebojno primerjali in komentirali. Iz vsake gospodarske dejavnosti smo pridobili maksimume, minimume, srednje vrednosti in odstopanje določenega rezultata pri naslednjih kazalnikih: dodana vrednost, EBITDA, ROE, ROA, gospodarnost poslovanja, denarni cikel in enostavni denarni tok. Ob koncu empiričnega dela smo predstavili ključne rezultate in jim dodali analizo srednje vrednosti vseh rezultatov in odstopanje. V zaključnem delu magistrske naloge smo podali predloge za morebitno nadaljnje raziskovanje iz vsebinskega in metodološkega vidika.
Ključne besede: Ajdovščina, Vipava, analize, finančni kazalniki, management, podjetja, uspešnost, magistrske naloge
Objavljeno v RUNG: 24.01.2022; Ogledov: 2441; Prenosov: 111
.pdf Celotno besedilo (1,30 MB)
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