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Naslov:Web mining and analytics for improving e-government services in India
Avtorji:Gupta, Rajan (Avtor)
Muttoo, Sunil K. (Avtor)
Pal, Saibal K. (Avtor)
Jezik:Angleški jezik
Vrsta gradiva:Neznano ()
Tipologija:1.16 - Samostojni znanstveni sestavek ali poglavje v monografski publikaciji
Organizacija:UNG - Univerza v Novi Gorici
Opis:The ever increasing technology usage and the globalization have given rise to the need of quick, accurate and smarter handling of information by organizations, states, nations and the entire globe. For every nation to be under any form of government, it became mandatory to have shorter turnaround time for their interactions with citizens. This pressure gave rise to the concept of e-Governance. It has been implemented by various nations and even UN reported an increase in E-Governance activities around the world. However, the major problems that need to be addressed by developing nations are digital divide and lack of e-Infrastructure. India started its e-Governance plan through a proposal in 2006 with establishment of National e-Governance Plan popularly known as NeGP headed by Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India. As per the Electronic Transaction and Aggregation Layer, millions of transactions are taking place on regular basis. Within 2015 itself, over 2 billion transactions have been carried out by the Indian citizens in various categories and sectors like agriculture, health, and the likes. For central government projects alone, around 980 million electronic transactions have taken place, while for state government projects, the combined total of all the states is close to 1.2 billion. With the kind of data getting generated through e-Governance initiative in India, it will open up lot of opportunities for data analysts & mining experts to explore this data and generate insights out of them. The aim of this chapter is to introduce various areas and sectors in India where analytics can be applied for e-Governance related entities like citizens, corporate and government departments. It will be useful for researchers, academicians and students to understand various areas in E-Governance where web mining and data analysis can be applied. The theoretical background has been supported by practical case study for better understanding of the concepts of web analysis and mining in the area of E-Governance.
Ključne besede:web mining, data mining, e-governance, analytics, data science, public sector
Leto izida:2017
Št. strani:Str. 223-247
COBISS_ID:57956099 Povezava se odpre v novem oknu
DOI:10.4018/978-1-5225-0613-3.ch009 Povezava se odpre v novem oknu
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