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Naslov:The need of a development assessment index for e-governance in India
Avtorji:ID Gupta, Rajan (Avtor)
ID Muttoo, Sunil K. (Avtor)
ID Pal, Saibal K. (Avtor)
Jezik:Angleški jezik
Vrsta gradiva:Neznano
Tipologija:1.08 - Objavljeni znanstveni prispevek na konferenci
Organizacija:UNG - Univerza v Novi Gorici
Opis:The purpose of this paper is to discuss and argue on the need of an assessment framework for the development of E-Governance services & practices in various states of India. This can be used to compare the states against each other so as to evaluate their status as per the national & international standards. The study is exploratory in nature as it develops arguments over an Index based on combination of theory, past literature and international reports w.r.t. E-Governance services and associated available infrastructure. It considers research papers from 2000-2015 and major reports on E-Governance after 2006. The need to develop an index based on different parameters is identified. The major areas to be covered up in the development index are online availability and performance of E-Governance service, telecommunication infrastructure, human capital, infrastructure availability and electronic participation by the citizens. Other areas are security and ease of access of the services. Development Index formulation will suggest that the development status for various Indian states, w.r.t. E-Governance, is based on lot of factors like the geographical location, demographic distribution, quality of human resources, and infrastructure present. A state merely having large number of E-Governance services does not become an automatic choice of best state for E-Governance development in the country. The state should be able to justify the overall development rather than being beneficial to just a small section of its population. Indian national E-Governance plan needs to assess the weak zones of the country so as to take initiatives to upgrade them and bid for overall higher ranking in the E-Governance Development Index of United Nations. There is no overall quantitative assessment framework available for E-Governance development in India as of now. So this research is novel with respect to E-Governance development and its assessment.
Ključne besede:e-governance, national e-governance plan, e-governance development, Indian states assessment policy
Leto izida:2017
Št. strani:Str. 414-422
PID:20.500.12556/RUNG-6422 Novo okno
COBISS.SI-ID:58230019 Novo okno
DOI:10.1145/3047273.3047294 Novo okno
Datum objave v RUNG:02.04.2021
Število ogledov:2164
Število prenosov:51
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