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27.03.2020UNGmiscSymmetry in Classical and Fuzzy Algebraic Hypercompositional Structures
23.03.2020UNGmiscSrečanja: Intervju v oddaji na RAI, Radio Trst A, 10. 3. 2020
18.03.2020UNGmiscThe commutative quotient structure of m-idempotent hyperrings
13.03.2020PTFmscProjekt predelave stroja za poliranje obročnih ključev
13.03.2020PTFbscPrednosti dela na daljavo in odnos delovne sile prihodnosti do takšne oblike dela
11.03.2020UNGmiscAnaerobic Co-Digestion of Ligno-Cellulosic degradation products - Wood Resin Residue from Tannin Production
11.03.2020UNGmiscKružna ekonomija u prehrambenoj industriji i industriji pića, visokovrijedni proizvodi te energetsko i materijalno iskorištavanje otpada i nusproizvoda
10.03.2020UNGmiscThe role of working memory in children’s ability for prosodic discrimination
09.03.2020UNGmiscKolektivna histerija
09.03.2020UNGmiscRezultati o poskusih namakanja v letu 2019; predavanje na Simpoziju o teranu in kraških produktih

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OrganizationDiplomas MSc thesesPhD theses OtherAll
AU - School of Arts00    0
FAN - Faculty of Applied Sciences00    0
FH - Faculty of Humanities00    0
FN - School of Science00    0
FPŠ - Graduate School  01  1
FZO - Faculty of Environmental Sciences01    1
PTF - Faculty of Engineering and Management11    2
UNG - University of Nova Gorica0001515
VŠU - School of Arts00    0
VŠVV - College of Viticulture and Enology0      0
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