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17.05.2019UNGmiscLarge-Scale Self-Assembly in Weakly-Flocculated Suspensions
17.05.2019UNGmiscPesniško samorazumevanje v metabesedilih in poeziji Daneta Zajca
16.05.2019UNGmiscZofka Kveder v slovanskem svetu
16.05.2019UNGmiscDigitalisation of the literary creativity: a case study of Zofka Kveder. Plenary lecture at the conference Digital humanities and Slavic cultural heritage.
16.05.2019UNGmiscMarica Nadlišek Bartol and her editorial network around the first Slovenian women's newspaper Slovenka
15.05.2019UNGmiscSearching for the basis of the hierarchy of adjectives
15.05.2019UNGmiscCollegium IEA de Lyon 10 ans
15.05.2019UNGmiscRe-thinking natural language quantifiers : a novel view integrating formal semantics, pragmatics and psychometrics
15.05.2019UNGmiscQuantifiers and pragmatic enrichment
15.05.2019UNGmiscCross-Linguistic Variation in the Meaning of Quantifiers

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OrganizationDiplomas MSc thesesPhD theses OtherAll
AU - School of Arts00    0
FAN - Faculty of Applied Sciences00    0
FH - Faculty of Humanities11    2
FN - School of Science01    1
FPŠ - Graduate School  02  2
FZO - Faculty of Environmental Sciences00    0
PTF - Faculty of Engineering and Management00    0
UNG - University of Nova Gorica0004242
VŠU - School of Arts00    0
VŠVV - College of Viticulture and Enology0      0
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