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23.01.2020UNGmiscSpremljanje, ugotavljanje in zagotavljanje kakovosti Univerza v Novi Gorici
23.01.2020UNGmiscThe impact of Saccharomyces and non-Saccharomyces yeasts on wine colour: a laboratory study of vinylphenolic pyranoanthocyanin formation and anthocyanin cell wall adsorption
22.01.2020UNGmiscArbuscular mycorrhizal funghi in the case of water management of the fungus resistant varieties
22.01.2020UNGmiscExploration of biocontrol yeasts as alternative biofungicide in viticulture
22.01.2020UNGmiscOccurence of biogenic amine - producing lactic acid bacteria in Refošk grape and wine
21.01.2020UNGmiscFull orbital solution for the binary system in the northern Galactic disc microlensing event Gaia16aye
21.01.2020UNGmiscA REVERSE SHOCK IN GRB 181201A
21.01.2020UNGmiscRezultati študije mlečnokislinskih bakterij, povezanih z vinom teran: predavanje na Simpoziju o teranu in kraških produktih
20.01.2020UNGmiscEnhanced photoconductivity of semiconductor polymers using graphene nanoflakes
17.01.2020UNGmiscRecenzija knjige Potovanje po neznanih poteh tržaškosti in Gradnikove poezije (Ana Toroš)

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OrganizationDiplomas MSc thesesPhD theses OtherAll
AU - School of Arts00    0
FAN - Faculty of Applied Sciences00    0
FH - Faculty of Humanities00   0
FN - School of Science00    0
FPŠ - Graduate School  00  0
FZO - Faculty of Environmental Sciences00    0
PTF - Faculty of Engineering and Management00    0
UNG - University of Nova Gorica0004343
VŠU - School of Arts00    0
VŠVV - College of Viticulture and Enology0      0
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