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Title:Introduction with a State of the Art in Generative Slovenian Syntax
Authors:Marušič, Franc (Author)
Žaucer, Rok (Author)
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Tipology:1.16 - Independent Scientific Component Part or a Chapter in a Monograph
Organization:UNG - University of Nova Gorica
Abstract:Although in the early days of generative linguistics Slovenian was rarely called on in the development of theoretical models, the attention it gets has subsequently grown, so that by now it has contributed to generative linguistics a fair share of theoretically important data. Some of the topics where Slovenian data played a prominent role include the feel-like construction, imperative embedding, closest conjunct agreement phenomena, double applicatives, etc. In this Introduction, we outline some of these topics to demonstrate how Slovenian has been brought to bear on issues in generative syntax, and then briefly introduce individual chapters, some of which touch on the above-mentioned topics and some of which address new topics where Slovenian data prove relevant for the study of a particular linguistic phenomenon, such as relativization, modality, and clitics.
Keywords:Generative linguistics, Slovenian, syntax
Year of publishing:2016
Number of pages:22
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DOI:10.1075/la.236.01mar Link is opened in a new window
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Record is a part of a monograph

Title:Formal Studies in Slovenian Syntax
Subtitle:In honor of Janez Orešnik
Publisher:John Benjamins
Collection title:Linguistik Aktuell
Collection numbering:236
Collection ISSN:0166-0829
Place of publishing:Amsterdam
Year of publishing:2016
Editors:Franc Marušič, Rok Žaucer