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Allow cookies Category Purpose of use
RUNG our website uses cookies as a necessary part of operation. RUNG writes these cookies:
  • GDPR - your consent that is collected on this page (valid for one year).
  • PHPSESSID - session identifier for repository part of RUNG, valid as long as the browser window is open (valid for session duration).
  • random number - session identifier for content part of RUNG, valid as long as the browser window is open.
  • startSz - font size. This cookie is written only if you change the font size using "Bigger font" or "Smaller font" link.
  • dkUser - written only when you log-in, which changes the display of certain page elements (valid for session duration).
Above mentioned cookies are mandatory for our website to function properly.
AAI login Users with digital identity of any organization that is a part of Arnes AAI login service can log into RUNG. This service writes several cookies with the name like _shibsession_.

Mentioned cookies are stored only when AAI login is used and are mandatory for the service to function properly.

Your consent is stored as a cookie that is valid for one year. If you delete the cookie, your consent is also deleted, and you will have to renew it. You can change your consent at any time by clicking the "Cookies and privacy" link in the top right part of the page header.

What is a cookie?

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Why are cookies necessary?

Cookies are necessary for websites to work properly. Some websites allow users to change certain things on the page and these changes are stored in cookies. Examples of these things are user settings (language or what type of information you want to see), items selected in a web store and so on. Cookies are also used to measure website traffic, which enables website owners to determine what pages or functions are used the most, so these can be improved in the future.

Cookie management

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