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22.09.2021UNGmiscPseudopartitives, measures and agreement: an experimental study
22.09.2021UNGmiscVariazioni lessicali e di registro nella comunicazione lavorativa
22.09.2021UNGmisc"No Pun Intended": the Comprehension of Irony and Implicatures in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.
22.09.2021UNGmiscReading Between the Lines: Conversational Implicature and their context of usage
22.09.2021UNGmiscAutism Spectrum Disorder and pragmatic comprehension
22.09.2021UNGmiscAtypical processing in Pragmatics: the case of irony.
22.09.2021UNGmiscThe computation of some (but not all) implicatures.
22.09.2021UNGmiscUnderstanding indirect requests for information in high-functioning autism
22.09.2021UNGmiscOn the cost of scalar implicaures.
22.09.2021UNGmiscAddressing the debate on pronoun reversal, caused by Theory of Mind or by Echolalia?

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OrganizationDiplomas MSc thesesPhD theses OtherAll
AU - School of Arts10    1
FAN - Faculty of Applied Sciences00    0
FH - Faculty of Humanities20    2
FN - School of Science00  22
FPŠ - Graduate School  00  0
FVV - School for Viticulture and Enology0      0
FZO - Faculty of Environmental Sciences00    0
PTF - Faculty of Engineering and Management01    1
UNG - University of Nova Gorica1118083
VŠU - School of Arts00    0
VŠVV - College of Viticulture and Enology0      0
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