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22.01.2021UNGmiscSonic happenings
22.01.2021UNGmiscEmbodying data by decolonisation of thinking
22.01.2021UNGmiscBivališča Branislave Sušnik
21.01.2021UNGmiscNi več treba tipati v temi!
21.01.2021UNGmiscNo autonomous cars without autonomous humans
19.01.2021UNGmiscDrevo Branislave Sušnik
19.01.2021UNGmiscO besedilih Branislave Sušnik v slovenščini
19.01.2021UNGmiscPrebiranje Branislave Sušnik
19.01.2021UNGmiscSvetovna slovenska mladinska književnost
19.01.2021UNGmiscSvetovna slovenska mladinska književnost

The table bellow lists schools whose materials are included in the Repository of the University of Nova Gorica. The materials only comprise full-text works (with files) in all languages. New works are all works published in the last 30 days. Table cells with Magnifying glass start with a search, while cells with RSS enable RSS subscription.

OrganizationDiplomas MSc thesesPhD theses OtherAll
AU - School of Arts00    0
FAN - Faculty of Applied Sciences00    0
FH - Faculty of Humanities10    1
FN - School of Science00    0
FPŠ - Graduate School  00  0
FVV - School for Viticulture and Enology0      0
FZO - Faculty of Environmental Sciences00    0
PTF - Faculty of Engineering and Management00    0
UNG - University of Nova Gorica000118118
VŠU - School of Arts00    0
VŠVV - College of Viticulture and Enology0      0
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