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Jezikovno razumevanje : test sposobnosti razumevanja stavkov v slovenskem jeziku
Arthur Stepanov, Matic Pavlič, Nika Pušenjak, Penka Stateva, 2023, scientific monograph

Abstract: Test Jera, ki ga predstavlja pričujoča monografija, je prvi standardizirani test razumevanja stavkov, ki je povsem prilagojen slovenskemu jeziku. Ne gre namreč za prevod ali prilagoditev tujejezičnega testa, temveč je že zasnovan s posebno pozornostjo na lastnosti slovenskega jezika. Uporabljene stavčne strukture so izbrane na podlagi temeljite in celostne analize obstoječih teoretičnih in psiholingvističnih raziskav slovenščine ter omogočajo razločevanje med jezikovnimi primanjkljaji, izhajajočimi iz jezikovne zmožnosti in jezikovnega procesiranja. Premišljeno teoretično zasnovo testa dopolnjuje dobra uporabniška izkušnja. Testiranca skozi test, sestavljen iz nalog povezovanja stavka s sliko, ženejo všečne namensko izdelane ilustracije, testatorji pa bodo pozdravili digitalno izvedbo v obliki računalniške aplikacije z vnaprej posnetimi jezikovnimi stimuli, ki poleg pravilnosti odgovorov beleži in analizira tudi odzivne čase ter samodejno vrednoti in izpiše rezultate. Monografija izvrstno opravi zastavljeno nalogo predstavitve zasnove, izdelave in uporabe testa Jera. Jasen in pregleden prikaz teoretičnih osnov skladnje in jezikovnega procesiranja je dostopen nejezikoslovcu, ne da bi pri tem kakorkoli trpela strokovnost.
Published in RUNG: 15.05.2023; Views: 423; Downloads: 11
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Proceedings of the International Summer School of Bilingualism and Multilingualism (ISSBM2022)
Abdulkadir Abdulrahim, 2023, proceedings of peer-reviewed scientific conference contributions (international and foreign conferences)

Published in RUNG: 03.05.2023; Views: 396; Downloads: 7
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Experimental syntax and Slavic languages
Arthur Stepanov, 2021, independent scientific component part or a chapter in a monograph

Abstract: The chapter reviews a number of empirical domains that recently came into the focus of research in Slavic experimental syntax, including island phenomena, syntactic Superiority effects, various types of agreement, word order, and scope interaction, among others. This research mostly relies on sentence acceptability experiments applied across larger pools of participants, but the chapter also reviews selected studies using related experimental methods (e.g. elicited production and sentence–picture verification). The chapter concludes by identifying a number of conceptual issues in syntactic theory, for which we believe Slavic experimental syntax has a potential to make a particularly strong contribution.
Keywords: experimental syntax, Slavic language, syntactic island, unaccusativity, information structure, superiority effect, case matching, agreement, numeral phrase
Published in RUNG: 20.12.2021; Views: 1359; Downloads: 12
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Theoretical and experimental aspects of numerosity and quantification in Lebanese Arabic : dissertation
Ali Al Moussaoui, 2021, doctoral dissertation

Abstract: A question that is receiving an increasing attention in linguistics research concerns the language components of counting. This topic is approached from syntactic, semantic and pragmatic points of view. While some accounts advocate for purely syntactic or semantic approaches of countability, other adopt hybrid accounts in which labor is divided between syntax and semantics. At the same time, research finds that there is a pragmatic component enriching the interpretation of countability and numerosity in language. This dissertation attempts to contribute into the lines of research concerned in the syntactic, semantic and pragmatic aspects of countability with a focus on Lebanese Arabic (Henceforth LA), a language that has received little attention in the literature of counting. In this dissertation, a broken agreement pattern in LA between the cardinal numerals and the post-numeral counted noun phrases is examined on the basis of a syntactic-semantic model of countability developed by Stepanov and Stateva (2018). We argue that the current existing model can be used to account for the countability broken agreement pattern in LA when necessary modifications are applied to it. The success of this model in accounting for the numeral-noun-phrase agreement in LA is added to its success in similar missions in countability in Russian (Stepanov and Stateva 2018) and previously in Japanese (Watanabe 2010). The pragmatic component of countability in LA is also examined from the angle of pragmatic strengthening. The traditional difference between singular nominals and plural nominals which makes a distinction between domains of atoms and domains of sums is seriously challenged by current semantic and pragmatic research. The plural is found to be more complex than a simplistic view of more than one, and its interpretation has a pragmatic component which involves enriching the meaning of plurality against singularity. In our dissertation, we intend to examine an enriching pragmatic process of plural against duality in LA, a language that still preserves special morphological marking for duality. So, our research investigates the pragmatic strengthening of the plural morphology in LA against the dual morphology which results in at-least-three meaning of the plural. On the assumption that pragmatic reasoning contributes to the interpretation of plural nominals, we extend our research to the area of bilingual LA speakers who can be an ideal environment to look into the cognitive processes involved in the interaction between two linguistic systems that have diverging features pertaining to a given linguistic phenomenon, which is countability in our study. We predict crosslinguistic variation in the interpretation of plural morphology. If languages like English associate plural with an at-least-two meaning as a result of pragmatic enrichment with an anti-singularity inference, then, in languages that morphologically differentiate among singular, plural and dual number, the morphological plural is predicted to correspond to an at-least-three meaning. In this study, we ask whether the predicted variation in the interpretation of plural morphology among the non-dual and dual-featuring languages is a locus of negative pragmatic transfer of features from LA as a mother tongue and English/ French as foreign languages.
Keywords: countability, numerosity, Lebanese Arabic, countability model, negative pragmatic transfer, and foreign language exposure
Published in RUNG: 16.07.2021; Views: 2360; Downloads: 117
.pdf Full text (3,00 MB)
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Bilinguhildren's use of the Maximiza Presupposition Principle
Penka Stateva, Sara Andreetta, Anne Reboul, Arthur Stepanov, 2021, original scientific article

Abstract: This article reports the results of an experimental study that examines the influence of bilingualism on the acquisition and use of the Maximize Presupposition principle in the context of speakers’ choices among propositional attitude predicates (equivalent to) know and think. We compared the performance of monolingual Slovenian- and Italian-speaking school children to that of age-matched early bilingual children speaking both languages. Our findings suggest that while all children demonstrate adherence to Maximize Presupposition in an adult-like manner, bilingualism may enhance performance in pragmatic tasks that bear on this principle, and therefore constitutes a potential advantage in the relevant area.
Keywords: Maximize Presupposition, implicature, presupposition, Italian, Slovenian, bilingualism
Published in RUNG: 12.07.2021; Views: 1581; Downloads: 47
.pdf Full text (1,91 MB)

Beyond agreement: How syntactic features are assigned in real time
Danil Khristov, Julie Franck, Arthur Stepanov, Penka Stateva, 2021, published scientific conference contribution

Keywords: feature assignment, Slavic, sentence processing, agreement, working memory
Published in RUNG: 21.06.2021; Views: 1459; Downloads: 0
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The nominal structure of clausal complements: An experimental study of wh-extraction in Bulgarian
Arthur Stepanov, Iliyana Krapova, 2021, published scientific conference contribution

Keywords: wh-extraction, experimental syntax, propositional attitude verb, Bulgarian
Published in RUNG: 21.06.2021; Views: 1584; Downloads: 0
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