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Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Time and Matter, 26-31 August 2007, Bled, Slovenia
2008, proceedings of peer-reviewed scientific conference contributions (international and foreign conferences)

Found in: osebi
Keywords: zborniki
Published: 25.04.2022; Views: 589; Downloads: 0

Voces de la literatura infantil y juvenil eslovena actual
Santiago Martín, David Heredero Zorzo, Barbara Pregelj, Barbara Pregelj, 2021, professional monograph

Abstract: 10 slovenskih mladinskih avtorjev, ki so prevedeni v španščino
Found in: osebi
Keywords: slovenska literatura, mladinska književnost, prevodi v španščino
Published: 22.09.2022; Views: 404; Downloads: 0

Tehnologije in ogrodja za razvoj spletnih aplikacij na strani odjemalca
Martin Mitev, 2023, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: V diplomskem delu smo v vlogi mladega razvijalca raziskovali tehnologije in ogrodja za razvoj spletnih aplikacij na strani odjemalca. V njej smo opravili pregled teoretičnih izhodišč izbranega področja. Analizirali smo pomen tehnologij in ogrodij za razvoj spletnih aplikacij. Uporabili smo deskriptivno metodo raziskovanja, vsako tehnologijo in ogrodja smo podrobno opisali ter izpostavili prednosti in slabosti. Raziskovane tehnologije so bile sistemi za nadzor različic, linterji in urejevalniki kode, pregledovalniki tipov in enostranske spletne aplikacije. Zasnovali smo raziskovalni načrt in poiskali podatke na strokovnih spletnih platformah. Zbrane podatke smo uporabili pri izvedbi empirične raziskave najbolj razširjenih JavaScript ogrodij. Z rezultatom raziskave smo dobili vpogled v trg ogrodij, ki so na voljo razvijalcem in jih analizirali. Na osnovi vseh ugotovitev smo naredili sklop tehnologij in ogrodij za sodoben razvoj na strani odjemalca in zasledili naš cilj diplomskega dela. Dodajamo, da je skupnost razvijalcev na strokovnih platformah zelo pomembna, saj se na ta način izmenjuje znanje. Mreženje predstavlja temelj pri reševanju vsakodnevnih problemov, s katerimi se srečujejo razvijalci začetniki.
Found in: osebi
Keywords: tehnologije, ogrodje, razvoj, stran odjemalca, spletna aplikacija, koda
Published: 23.01.2023; Views: 135; Downloads: 16
.pdf Fulltext (810,97 KB)

Classification of gamma-ray targets for velocity-dependent and subhalo-boosted dark-matter annihilation
David Maurin, Julien Lavalle, Martin Stref, Judit Pérez-Romero, Gaetán Facchinetti, Thomas Lacroix, Miguel Sánchez-Conde, original scientific article

Abstract: Gamma-ray observations have long been used to constrain the properties of dark matter (DM), with a strong focus on weakly interacting massive particles annihilating through velocity-independent processes. However, in the absence of clear-cut observational evidence for the simplest candidates, the interest of the community in more complex DM scenarios involving a velocity-dependent cross-section has been growing steadily over the past few years. We present the first systematic study of velocity-dependent DM annihilation (in particular p-wave annihilation and Sommerfeld enhancement) in a variety of astrophysical objects, not only including the well-studied Milky Way dwarf satellite galaxies, but nearby dwarf irregular galaxies and local galaxy clusters as well. Particular attention is given to the interplay between velocity dependence and DM halo substructure. Uncertainties related to halo mass, phase-space and substructure modelling are also discussed in this velocity-dependent context. We show that, for s-wave annihilation, extremely large subhalo boost factors are to be expected, up to 10^11 in clusters and up to 10^6–10^7 in dwarf galaxies where subhalos are usually assumed not to play an important role. Boost factors for p-wave annihilation are smaller but can still reach 10^3 in clusters. The angular extension of the DM signal is also significantly impacted, with e.g. the cluster typical emission radius increasing by a factor of order 10 in the s-wave case. We also compute the signal contrast of the objects in our sample with respect to annihilation happening in the Milky Way halo. Overall, we find that the hierarchy between the brightest considered targets depends on the specific details of the assumed particle-physics model.
Found in: osebi
Keywords: dark matter theory, dwarf galaxies, galaxy clusters, gamma-ray theory
Published: 27.01.2023; Views: 200; Downloads: 0
.pdf Fulltext (2,74 MB)

Voltage-Dependent FTIR and 2D Infrared Spectroscopies within the Electric Double Layer Using a Plasmonic and Conductive Electrode
Nan Yang, Matthew J. Ryan, Minjung Song, Andraž Mavrič, Martin T. Zanni, 2023, original scientific article

Abstract: Strong electric fields exist between the electric double layer and charged surfaces. These fields impact molecular structures and chemistry at interfaces. We have developed a transparent electrode with infrared plasmonic enhancement sufficient to measure FTIR and two-dimensional infrared spectra at submonolayer coverages on the surface to which a voltage can be applied. Our device consists of an infrared transparent substrate, a 10–20 nm layer of conductive indium tin oxide (ITO), an electrically resistive layer of 3–5 nm Al2O3, and a 3 nm layer of nonconductive plasmonic gold. The materials and thicknesses are set to maximize the surface number density of the monolayer molecules, electrical conductivity, and plasmonic enhancement while minimizing background signals and avoiding Fano line shape distortions. The design was optimized by iteratively characterizing the material roughness and thickness with atomic force microscopy and electron microscopy and by monitoring the plasmon resonance enhancement with spectroscopy. The design is robust to repeated fabrication. This new electrode is tested on nitrile functional groups using a monolayer of 4-mercaptobenzonitrile as well as on CO and CC stretching modes using 4-mercaptobenzoic acid methyl ester. A voltage-dependent Stark shift is observed on both monolayers. We also observe that the transition dipole strength of the CN mode scales linearly with the applied voltage, providing a second way of measuring the surface electric field strength. We anticipate that this cell will enable many new voltage-dependent infrared experiments under applied voltages.
Found in: osebi
Keywords: two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy, infrared transparent substrate, voltage-dependent infrared experiments
Published: 24.02.2023; Views: 115; Downloads: 0
.pdf Fulltext (6,07 MB)

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