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Supplements Related to Normal p-Projective Hypermodules
Burcu Turkmen, Hashem Bordbar, Irina Elena Cristea, 2022, original scientific article

Abstract: In this study, the role of supplements in Krasner hypermodules is examined and related to normal p-projectivity. We prove that the class of supplemented Krasner hypermodules is closed under finite sums and under quotients. Moreover, we give characterizations of finitely generated supplemented and amply supplemented Krasner hypermodules. In the second part of the paper we relate the normal projectivity to direct summands and supplements in Krasner hypermodules.
Keywords: direct summand, normal p-projective hypermodule, supplement subhypermodule, small subhypermodule
Published in RUNG: 06.06.2022; Views: 1409; Downloads: 0
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Attractors of nonlinear elliptic equations with a small parameter
Alexander Shapoval, 2001, original scientific article

Keywords: attractors, small parameter, spectrum gap
Published in RUNG: 19.04.2021; Views: 1896; Downloads: 0
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Classifier predicate as a small clause in Slovenian Sign Language
Matic Pavlič, 2017, published scientific conference contribution abstract

Abstract: In Slovenian Sign Language (SZJ), classifier predicate cannot be negated and thus it does not qualify as the head of a verb phrase. Such a conclusion does not rule out the possibility that SZJ classifier predicate projects a reduced clausal structure. I analyze these SZJ classifier predicates as non-verbal predicates that form a small-clause structure assuming that classifier small clause is selected by an overt (HAVE) or a covert verbal head. This proposal explains the complexity of classifier predicates. Being a non-verbal projection, classifier predicate fails to move with a verbal V-to-T movement and stays in situ. For SVO languages such as SZJ, this analysis correctly predicts the change from the basic SVO to the non-basic SOV for transitive classifier predicates and from the basic SVOdOi to the non-basic SOdVOi for ditransitive classifier predicates.
Keywords: Slovenian Sign Language, classifier predicate, small clause, word order
Published in RUNG: 10.11.2017; Views: 4516; Downloads: 0
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Collective initiatives for small farmers and diversification of production. The Farmeat project.
Tanja Peric, unpublished invited conference lecture

Keywords: Collective initiatives, small farmers, diversification of production, Farmeat, Italia, Slovenia
Published in RUNG: 08.11.2017; Views: 4034; Downloads: 0
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