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Multifunctionality in Slovenian Morphology
Petra Mišmaš, 2024, invited lecture at foreign university

Keywords: Slovenian, morphology, affix, suffix, multifunctionality, Distributed morphology
Published in RUNG: 26.01.2024; Views: 797; Downloads: 5
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Ov to the rescue
Petra Mišmaš, Marko Simonović, 2023, published scientific conference contribution abstract

Keywords: Slovenian, morphology, deverbal nouns, nominalizations, verbs, affix, suffixation, multifunctionality
Published in RUNG: 29.08.2023; Views: 1041; Downloads: 2
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√ov Is in the Air: The Extreme Multifunctionality of the Slovenian Affix ov
Marko Simonović, Petra Mišmaš, 2020, original scientific article

Abstract: In this paper we consider several instances of the Slovenian affix ov, which surfaces in many, apparently unrelated contexts. Here we focus on (i) ov in verbs, where it can act as an imperfectivizer or a verbalizer, (ii) ov found in possessive adjectives and kind adjectives derived from nouns, (iii) ov which precedes the adjectiviser (e)n in denominal adjectives, and (iv) ov in nominal declension (acting as a genitive case ending in dual and plural or as a dual/plural augment). Building on the observation that certain affixes function either as inflectional or as derivational (see Simonović and Arsenijević 2020), and working within a Distributed Morphology approach which postulates that derivational affixes should be analyzed as roots (e.g. Lowenstamm 2014), we argue for a single multifunctional ov. This ov is a potentially meaningless root that can take as a complement other roots (thus forming a “radical core”) or phrases, resulting in different structures and consequently different stress patterns and meanings, but can also act as an Elsewhere allomorph, whose insertion is guided by an interplay of phonological and morphological constraints.
Keywords: morphology, Distributed Morphology, Slovenian, multifunctional affix, roots
Published in RUNG: 04.01.2021; Views: 2647; Downloads: 64
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√ov is in the air: The extreme multifunctionality of the Slovenian affix -ov-
Marko Simonović, Petra Mišmaš, unpublished conference contribution

Keywords: Slovenian, Distributed Morphology, Morphology, allomorphy, adjectives, declension, root, affix
Published in RUNG: 28.06.2019; Views: 3546; Downloads: 0
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