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Član uredniškega odbora revije Sumerianz Journal of Education, Linguistics and Literature
Zoran Božič, other performed works

Abstract: Revija za področje izobraževanja, jezikoslovja in književnosti. Izhaja v angleškem jeziku. Dvojno slepo ocenjevanje prispevkov.
Keywords: Sumerianz, znanstvena revija, izobraževanje, jezikoslovje, književnost, Pakistan, angleščina
Published in RUNG: 23.07.2018; Views: 3579; Downloads: 0
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Zdaj gre za slovenščino : 1. Evropski večer Lojzeta Peterleta
Zoran Božič, other performed works

Abstract: Okrogla miza o učnem jeziku slovenskega visokega šolstva.
Keywords: učni jezik, slovenščina, angleščina, Zakon o visokem šolstvu, internacionalizacija, nacionalna samobitnost
Published in RUNG: 03.11.2016; Views: 4842; Downloads: 157
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Does Grammatical Structure Accelerate Number Word Learning? Evidence from Learners of Dual and Non-Dual Dialects of Slovenian
Franc Marušič, Rok Žaucer, Vesna Plesničar, Tina Razboršek, Jessica Sullivan, David Barner, 2016, original scientific article

Abstract: How does linguistic structure affect children’s acquisition of early number word meanings? Previous studies have tested this question by comparing how children learning languages with different grammatical representations of number learn the meanings of labels for small numbers, like 1, 2, and 3. For example, children who acquire a language with singular-plural marking, like English, are faster to learn the word for 1 than children learning a language that lacks the singular-plural distinction, perhaps because the word for 1 is always used in singular contexts, highlighting its meaning. These studies are problematic, however, because reported differences in number word learning may be due to unmeasured cross-cultural differences rather than specific linguistic differences. To address this problem, we investigated number word learning in four groups of children from a single culture who spoke different dialects of the same language that differed chiefly with respect to how they grammatically mark number. We found that learning a dialect which features “dual” morphology (marking of pairs) accelerated children’s acquisition of the number word two relative to learning a “non-dual” dialect of the same language.
Keywords: števila, številke, slovnično število, dvojina, narečja, usvajanje, učenje, slovenščina, angleščina, numbers, grammatical number, dual, dialects, acquisition, learning, Slovenian, English
Published in RUNG: 10.08.2016; Views: 5067; Downloads: 244
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Poročilo s prve spletne jezikovalnice SDUTSJ
Veronika Piccinini, 2014, other component parts

Keywords: angleščina, spletno učenje, videokonference
Published in RUNG: 22.01.2015; Views: 5050; Downloads: 24
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Advantages of introducing linguistics in the process of ELT
Veronika Piccinini, 2009, other scientific articles

Keywords: jezikoslovje, angleščina, etimologija
Published in RUNG: 15.10.2013; Views: 5243; Downloads: 26
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Kreativne metode poučevanja angleščine na področju vinogradništva in vinarstva
Veronika Piccinini, 2010, published professional conference contribution abstract

Keywords: angleščina, tuji jeziki, vinogradništvo, vinarstvo, metodologija, kreativne metode, besedišče, kolokacije
Published in RUNG: 15.10.2013; Views: 5478; Downloads: 28
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