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Uso dell'inglese L2 e correzione degli errori
Greta Mazzaggio, 2016, original scientific article

Abstract: L’obiettivo di questo studio è quello di portare nuovi dati al sempre vivo dibattito riguardante l’analisi degli errori durante la produzione linguistica in una lingua diversa da quella materna. Sono state analizzate con metodo contrastivo due lezioni svolte dalla medesima docente in due classi alla scuola secondaria di primo grado (qui per brevità scuola media): una lezione con alunni del primo anno e una con alunni del terzo anno. Si sono studiate le percentuali del parlato, sia dal punto di vista delle differenze docente-discente, sia da quello delle differenze prima-terza. Si sono cercate, inoltre, conferme delle teorie che vedono i docenti spesso intenti a correggere eccessivamente i discenti, a discapito della fluenza comunicativa.
Found in: ključnih besedah
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Published: 20.09.2021; Views: 1041; Downloads: 39
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L'uso dell'inglese L2 e la correzione degli errori in due lezioni alla scuola media
Greta Mazzaggio, 2012, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: In our globalized and multi-cultural society, communicating between different nationalities becomes more and more important. Language remains a paramount aspect of cultural dialogue and English as lingua franca is the undisputed medium of communication, taught everywhere at an early age. In Italy English is taught since elementary school, sometimes even in kindergarten, when children’s linguistic abilities are stronger; however, teachers usually fail to make the most out of such abilities, as their lessons are primarily in Italian and the use of English is limited to some words or expressions targeted by exercises. With such an input, the children’s progress is likely to be limited. My experiment attempts to assess the interaction student-teacher in terms of use of L2 in class by means of a comparative analysis of two middle-school lessons taught by the same teacher to different age groups. Moreover, teacher’s correction techniques will be assessed in the light of frameworks established by scholars in this field, where the positive value of errors in the development of children interlanguage emerges with clarity. Since feedback is an essential part of education, special attention was paid to the teacher’s behavior in dealing with student’s mistakes. Two entire lessons were recorded and transcribed, counting the numbers of words and turns uttered respectively by students and the teacher. When collected and analyzed, such data exhibited both similarities and differences between classes. On the teacher’s side, both lessons revealed that she adopts a rather conservative style of teaching, with limited interaction. As a result, the lessons are to be considered teacher-oriented, for the distribution of turns and the amount of words exchanged; conducted along the textbook’s lines, they offer very limited room for creative language production. Moreover, the teacher’s tendency to steadily correct the students, with the only exception of pronunciation errors, impairs student’s communicative fluency at large. However, a certain progress may be observed between the 1st and 3rd class in both the increased command of English and the number of errors, decreased by almost 50%. In both cases, though, the production of English sentences is creative only for a minimal part, as English is often read and lessons are mostly based on the correction of homework and written exercises. In conclusion, the experiment offers data that confirm several assumptions of contemporary linguistics, particularly in the field of Second Language Acquisition and Error Analysis.
Found in: ključnih besedah
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Published: 22.09.2021; Views: 1096; Downloads: 0
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English L2 in Italy
Greta Mazzaggio, 2016, unpublished conference contribution

Found in: ključnih besedah
Summary of found: ...English, L2, ass="IskanaBeseda">ass="IskanaBeseda">ass="Iskass="IskanaBeseda">ass="IskanaBeseda">anass="IskanaBeseda">ass="IskanaBeseda">aBesedass="IskanaBeseda">ass="IskanaBeseda">a">ass="IskanaBeseda">ass="IskanaBeseda">ass="Iskass="IskanaBeseda">ass="IskanaBeseda">anass="IskanaBeseda">ass="IskanaBeseda">aBesedass="IskanaBeseda">ass="IskanaBeseda">a">lass="IskanaBeseda">ass="IskanaBeseda">anguass="IskanaBeseda">ass="IskanaBeseda">age ass="IskanaBeseda">ass="IskanaBeseda">acquisition...
Keywords: English, L2, language acquisition
Published: 23.09.2021; Views: 951; Downloads: 0
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