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Uvular rhotic weakening in Yiddish adjectival suffixes
Guy Tabachnick, 2020, published scientific conference contribution abstract

Abstract: In traditional Yiddish dialects, the presence vs. absence of word-final rhotics after [ɜ] in adjectival suffixes carries a heavy functional load, making distinctions of gender, number, and case. Belk et al. (2019) note that some Yiddish speakers with uvular rhotics do not fully articulate them word-finally, endangering this crucial distinction and perhaps contributing to the loss of gender and case in the Yiddish of contemporary Hasidic communities. This study analyzes adjectival endings in publicly available recordings of for speakers with uvular rhotics. The majority of speakers generally do not produce an audible [ʀ] or [ʁ] before consonants, but the rhotic leaves its mark: for some, an underlying rhotic conditions higher F1 on the preceding vowel; others have lowered F2. F1 raising of [ɜ] can also occur when followed by the dorsal fricative [x/χ], suggesting that it is the uvularity of the rhotic that causes F1 raising; F2 lowering is limited to following rhotics, suggesting that this is a rhoticity effect. In addition, vowels followed by underlying coda rhotics are longer in duration. Results indicate that the rhotic triggers phonologized changes in the preceding vowel, while its own realization is weakened, perhaps to an approximant, and masked in the acoustic signal.
Keywords: Phonetics, Human voice, Phonology, Consonants, Vowel systems
Published in RUNG: 04.03.2024; Views: 739; Downloads: 2
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Conversing with Ghosts of the Previously Tamed
Martina Caruso, 2019, original scientific article

Abstract: In this article I argue that representing animal-human relationality in contemporary video art shows how certain artists are addressing recent philosophical perspectives such as object-oriented ontology within a posthuman and post-anthropocentric paradigm. While the philosophies that treat the posthuman, from object-oriented ontology to speculative realism and vital materialism, imply a utopian refusal of hierarchy between human and non-human existence, artists may be hard-pressed to represent the described new order, which, at the moment, does not exist socially or politically.
Keywords: post-Anthropocene, animal-human relationality, non-human, posthuman, object-oriented ontology, speculative realism, vital materialism, video art, Basma Alsharif, Christoph Keller, Corinne Silva
Published in RUNG: 13.01.2023; Views: 1165; Downloads: 0
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Human papillomaviruses interfere with host cell processes during infection
Martina Bergant Marušič, invited lecture at foreign university

Keywords: human papillomaviruses, APOBEC, infection, oncogenesis
Published in RUNG: 07.07.2022; Views: 1499; Downloads: 0
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Winning wars with films : (storytelling for artistic activism)
Sagar Gahatraj, 2021, master's thesis

Abstract: This study mainly examines the prospect of utilizing the power of cinema to resolve humans’ conflicts. The research begins by analysing the psychology of human brain; how human brain functions, how belief systems are created, and most importantly, what is the cause of human disputes. The thesis then investigates the possibilities and pattern of psychological change. After uncovering how psychological change works, the research paper dives into comparing human psychology with the psychology of storytelling. The findings from this comparison are used to determine if storytelling can induce psychological change. At this point, the study is confronted by historical evidences, where the power of storytelling was exploited to control and manipulate people. However, upon further investigation on this issue, the duel power of storytelling is discovered, which suggest that story can be both propaganda and cure for propaganda. With these findings in hand, the research continues on its main pursuit; finding out if films can resolve conflicts. To do so, the thesis presents the history of film-making and its association with storytelling from its beginning. The research also looks into the power of film-making, and question if the power of film-making can be combined with the power of storytelling for artistic activism. The first part of thesis concludes by summarizing the findings of the study. The second part of the thesis analyses a short film, In The Nation Of Car Lovers, which was a practical part of the Master’s thesis. Finally, the thesis concludes by comparing the findings of the theoretical part to its utilization in the practical part of the thesis.
Keywords: Human Brain, Psychological change, Storytelling, Propaganda, Film-making, Activism
Published in RUNG: 13.10.2021; Views: 2872; Downloads: 121
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The epistemological investigation about the meaning of life in The bus : diploma thesis
Parisa Zaeri, 2021, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: The history of human life since the creation of human beings shows the extension of concerns about man`s physical existence and natural survival to his social, mental, psychological and spiritual life. While existence was the main and only challenge of primitive beings, it does not meet the challenges of the present-time of human life. Existence needs an essence to satisfy the present, intellectual man; otherwise, it will leave human beings lost in the world. Therefore, the current study is a dramatic presentation and epistemological discussion of some problems of the existential crisis in animation art and letter and how they can come to resolution through meaning-making in one`s life. The framework of the current study is the existential psychotherapy as a dynamic approach to therapy which focuses on concerns that are rooted in the individual's existence.
Keywords: Animation Art, Epistemology, Human Existence, Existential Psychotherapy, Logotherapy
Published in RUNG: 22.07.2021; Views: 2728; Downloads: 138
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No autonomous cars without autonomous humans
2020, radio or television broadcast, podcast, interview, press conference

Keywords: autonomy, autonomous cars, mobility, being human, legal frameworks, ethical frameworks, cinematic
Published in RUNG: 21.01.2021; Views: 2518; Downloads: 23
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Antimicrobial susceptibility profile of airborne bacteria and fungi at Owena Market, Osun State, Nigeria
Gbenga Folorunsho Oginni, Sandra Oloketuyi, Olufunke Chukwu, Janet Odunayo, 2017, original scientific article

Abstract: Environmental conditions and human activities influence the ubiquity and diversity of microorganisms in the atmosphere thereby acquiring the ability to resist antibiotics which poses serious public threat. Airborne bacteria and fungi isolated using settling plate method from three different points (where kolanuts, meat and onions are sold) at Owena Market, Osun state, Nigeria were assayed for antimicrobial susceptibility using disc diffusion. The microorganisms were identified as Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus cereus, Proteus vulgaris, Bacillus megaterium, Alcaligenes spp., Aeromonas spp., Escherichia coli, Micrococcus spp., Streptococcus spp., Mortierella polycephala, Epicoccum nigrum, Alternaria spp., Penicillium chrysogenum, Aspergillus flavus, Acremonium spp., Penicillium oxalicum, Cladosporium cladosporiodes, Rhizopus stolonifer, Stemphylium spp., and Trichoderma spp. About 30% of the bacterial isolates were resistant to the antibacterial agents (antibiotics) and all the bacterial isolates were resistant to at least four or more antibiotics while 18% and 64% of the fungi isolated were susceptible to griseofulvin and ketoconazole, respectively. This study shows that the market environment serves as reservoirs for multiple antibiotic resistant bacteria and fungi capable of causing infectious diseases.
Keywords: Airborne microbes, air monitoring, diversity, human activities, multidrug resistance
Published in RUNG: 14.01.2021; Views: 2499; Downloads: 0
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Alice Avian, 2020, doctoral dissertation

Abstract: Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection is the causative agent for the invasive cervical cancer and its precancerous lesions, furthermore, there are growing evidences of HPV being a relevant factor in other anogenital cancers as well as head and neck cancers. Most sexually active women become infected with HPV at least once in their lifetime, but less than 10% of women becomes persistently infected, and it is precisely the persistent infection that contributes to the development of cervical cancer. The preventive effect of cervical cancer screening largely depends in the high women participation and coverage; indeed, a large number of cervical cancers diagnoses normally arise among under-screened and unscreened women. Increase in the screening coverage is essential to improve the effectiveness of cervical screening programmes. The main purpose of this PhD project was to solve some of the most relevant problems in the cervical cancer screening programmes, as the increase of cost-effectiveness and the amelioration of the screening coverage. My work was focused on the development and validation of the first Ulisse BioMed S.p.A. product, the HPV Selfy™ test, an innovative PCR-based kit for the direct detection and genotyping of 12 high-risk HPV types (16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58 and 59) and 2 possible/probable high-risk (66 and 68), specifically optimized for the analysis of self-collected vaginal specimens. The core of this innovative test is based on high-resolution melting (HRM) analysis, a recently developed technique for fast, high-throughput post-PCR analysis of variance in nucleic acid sequences, that characterizes the amplicons by studying thermal denaturation of double-stranded DNA. Based on this approach and through the design of different HPV type-specific primer pairs and the development of a specific master mix, unique melting peaks in a single fluorescence channel were obtained, allowing the multiple detection and genotyping of 14 HPV types in a single PCR well. Three different clinical studies have been carried out to validate the assay on the vaginal self-collected samples with truly amazing results regarding the assay’s performance, but also for self-sampling acceptability by women. Moreover, data collected in these studies suggest a future possible use of this test for the hard-to-reach women, as an alternative of the conventional clinician-collected sample, in order to increase the cervical cancer screening coverage.
Keywords: Human Papillomavirus, HPV test, cervical cancer screening, prevention, diagnostic test, High resolution melting, HRM, genotyping, PCR, Self-sampling, clinical validation.
Published in RUNG: 17.06.2020; Views: 3892; Downloads: 107
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Hypoxia influences the cellular cross-talk of human dermal fibroblasts. A proteomic approach.
Boraldi Federica, Annovi Giulia, Carraro Fabio, Naldini Antonella, Tiozzo Roberta, Sommer Pascal, Quaglino Daniela, 2007, original scientific article

Abstract: The ability of cells to respond to changes in oxygen availability is critical for many physiological and pathological processes (i.e. development, aging, wound healing, hypertension, cancer). Changes in the protein profile of normal human dermal fibroblasts were investigated in vitro after 96 h in 5% CO2 and 21% O2 (pO2=140 mm Hg) or 2% O2 (pO2=14 mm Hg), these parameters representing a mild chronic hypoxic exposure which fibroblasts may undergo in vivo. The proliferation rate and the protein content were not significantly modified by hypoxia, whereas proteome analysis demonstrated changes in the expression of 56 proteins. Protein identification was performed by mass spectrometry. Data demonstrate that human fibroblasts respond to mild hypoxia increasing the expression of hypoxia inducible factor (HIF1a) and of the 150-kDa oxygen-regulated protein. Other differentially expressed proteins appeared to be related to stress response, transcriptional control, metabolism, cytoskeleton, matrix remodelling and angiogenesis. Furthermore, some of them, like galectin 1, 40S ribosomal protein SA, N-myc-downstream regulated gene-1 protein, that have been described in the literature as possible cancer markers, significantly changed their expression also in normal hypoxic fibroblasts. Interestingly, a bovine fetuin was also identified that appeared significantly less internalised by hypoxic fibroblasts. In conclusion, results indicate that human dermal fibroblasts respond to an in vitro mild chronic hypoxic exposure by modifying a number of multifunctional proteins. Furthermore, data highlight the importance of stromal cells in modulating the intercellular cross-talk occurring in physiological and in pathologic conditions.
Keywords: Human fibroblast, Primary cell culture, Hypoxia, Connective tissue, Proteome, 2D gel electrophoresis, Mass-spectrometry
Published in RUNG: 22.07.2019; Views: 3695; Downloads: 0
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