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Nanobodies: How to Exploit Pre-Immune Libraries and Recombinant Antibody Fragments
Ario De Marco, unpublished invited conference lecture

Keywords: nanobodies, in vitro panning, phage display
Published in RUNG: 23.08.2019; Views: 2692; Downloads: 0
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Nanobodies for research & clinical applications
Ario de Marco, invited lecture at foreign university

Abstract: Nanobody technology evolved rapidly in the last years and now is available for applications in basic sciences as well as in diagnostics and therapy
Keywords: nanobodies, antibody functionalization, phage display panning, recombinant antibody production
Published in RUNG: 11.10.2016; Views: 4483; Downloads: 0
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NaLi-H1: A universal synthetic library of humanized nanobodies providing highly functional antibodies and intrabodies
Sandrine Moutel, Nicolas Bery, Virginie Bernard, Laura Keller, Emilie Lemesre, Ario de Marco, Laetitia Ligat, Jean-Christophe Rain, Gilles Fevre, Aurelien Olichon, Franck Perez, 2016, original scientific article

Abstract: In vitro selection of antibodies allows to obtain highly functional binders, rapidly and at lower cost. Here, we describe the first fully synthetic phage display library of humanized llama single domain antibody (NaLi-H1: Nanobody Library Humanized 1). Based on a humanized synthetic single domain antibody (hs2dAb) scaffold optimized for intracellular stability, the highly diverse library provides high affinity binders without animal immunization. NaLi-H1 was screened following several selection schemes against various targets (Fluorescent proteins, actin, tubulin, p53, HP1). Conformation antibodies against active RHO GTPase were also obtained. Selected hs2dAb were used in various immunoassays and were often found to be functional intrabodies, enabling tracking or inhibition of endogenous targets. Functionalization of intrabodies allowed specific protein knockdown in living cells. Finally, direct selection against the surface of tumor cells produced hs2dAb directed against tumor-specific antigens further highlighting the potential use of this library for therapeutic applications.
Keywords: nanobodies, synthetic phage display library, in vitro panning
Published in RUNG: 17.08.2016; Views: 4604; Downloads: 241
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Selection criteria and engineering of nanobodies for oncological applications
Ario de Marco, invited lecture at foreign university

Abstract: Lecture relative to the biotechnological features of nanobodies
Keywords: nanobodies, phage display, antibody engineering, panning
Published in RUNG: 14.07.2016; Views: 3910; Downloads: 0
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