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Theme-vowel class indeterminacy and root allomorphy in Slovenian
Marko Simonović, Petra Mišmaš, 2023, original scientific article

Keywords: theme vowels, root allomorphy, prosody, Slovenian, distributed morphology, optimality theory
Published in RUNG: 17.02.2023; Views: 1234; Downloads: 3
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Why kl~kolj, br~ber, v~ved, but never kl~br or kolj~ber? : restrictions on the phonological shape of root allomorphs in Slovenian
Petra Mišmaš, Marko Simonović, 2021, published scientific conference contribution abstract

Keywords: Slovenian, phonology, morphology, verbs, root allomorphy, theme vowels
Published in RUNG: 29.01.2021; Views: 2382; Downloads: 69
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Verb wasn't built in a cycle (it was built in two)
Marko Simonović, Petra Mišmaš, published scientific conference contribution abstract

Abstract: In this talk, we focus on verbs and argue that verbs lack prosodic specification in their lexical entry. We propose that the two different stress patterns in verbs are a consequence of two positions for theme vowels in the verbal domain. Assuming that Slovenian prosody places stress at the final syllable of the deepest cycle (Simonović under review), we argue that the verb forms that surface with a stressed theme vowel (e.g. godrnj-á-mo) have the theme vowel positioned just below the first cyclic head, whereas the remaining verbs have their theme vowel above this position which leads to stem-final stress (vijúg-a-mo).
Keywords: verbs, stress, root allomorphy, Slovenian, Distributed Morphology
Published in RUNG: 07.09.2020; Views: 2681; Downloads: 0
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√ov is in the air: The extreme multifunctionality of the Slovenian affix -ov-
Marko Simonović, Petra Mišmaš, unpublished conference contribution

Keywords: Slovenian, Distributed Morphology, Morphology, allomorphy, adjectives, declension, root, affix
Published in RUNG: 28.06.2019; Views: 3351; Downloads: 0
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