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NPI-Intervention and Alternative Questions
Elena Guerzoni, 2011, unpublished conference contribution

Keywords: Intervention, NPIs, Alternative Questions
Published in RUNG: 21.02.2024; Views: 651; Downloads: 1
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Intervention effects on NPIs and feature movement : towards a unified account of intervention
Elena Guerzoni, 2006, original scientific article

Abstract: In this paper, I explore the possibility of understanding locality restrictions on the distribution of Negative Polarity Items (NPIs) as a consequence of covert movement. The present proposal restates Linebarger’s Immediate Scope Constraint in terms of morphology-driven checking requirements. These requirements cannot be met if a blocking element intervenes between the NPI feature and its morphosemantic licenser at Logical Form (LF). The empirical generalization is that the class of NPI ‘blocking expressions’ (a.k.a. ‘interveners’) overlaps to a large extent with interveners identified in wh-questions. Therefore, the same grammatical checking mechanisms operating in that domain, rather than the presence of an implicature, are here shown to be responsible both for apparent violations to Linebarger’s constraint (contra Linebarger) and for intervention effects (contra Krifka, 1995, and Chierchia, 2004). This approach is argued to be superior on empirical grounds as it predicts facts that are left unaccounted for in a theory like Linebarger’s, where pragmatics rescues otherwise ill-formed structures. In addition, the proposal allows us to view the locality constraints operating in the domain of NPI-licensing as an instance of more general (though yet to be fully understood) principles of the grammar whose effects are attested in other domains, such as wh-questions in German, Discourselinked (D-linked) wh-questions in English, and Negative Concord (NC) configurations (e.g. in Italian and French).
Keywords: negative polarity items, intervention effects, feature movement, indefinit, disjunctio
Published in RUNG: 20.02.2024; Views: 634; Downloads: 2
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Čuvari (Keepers)
Peter Purg, 2017, artistic performance

Abstract: The pavement reconstructions in the Belgrade University of the Arts area at Kosančičev venac had been going on for months, and heaps of cobblestone. Sand just kept being moved from one side of the rubble-filled street to the other. Suddenly one afternoon, on the 30th of March 2017, a little bed of dry (stonewall) plants appeared on the top of the biggest sand heap. They remained there for a whole month, somebody must have been caring for them... Soon after they suddenly disappeared, another big bright flower took their place immediately -- but on the very same day (April 28th), that flower disappeared, too. The documentary photos were taken (in the order of gallery appearance) every couple of days throughout April 2017 -- special thanks to (photo by) Rastko Čirić and Danica Bojić
Keywords: analog, belgrade, Beograd, drywall, installation, intervention, plants, site-specific
Published in RUNG: 13.06.2017; Views: 4367; Downloads: 0

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