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New aspects in the theory of complete hypergroups
Irina Elena Cristea, 2023, published scientific conference contribution

Keywords: complete hypergroup, reversibility, period of an element regularity, reducibility, class equation, commutativity degree, Euler's totient function
Published in RUNG: 20.06.2023; Views: 1348; Downloads: 8
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Structural disorder of AlMg-oxide phase supporting Cu/ZnO catalyst improves efficiency and selectivity for ▫$CO_2$▫ hydrogenation to methanol
Andraž Mavrič, Gregor Žerjav, Blaž Belec, Matevž Roškarič, Matjaž Finšgar, Albin Pintar, Matjaž Valant, 2023, original scientific article

Abstract: The performance of the Cu/ZnO catalyst system with the AlMg-oxide phase is studied for CO2 hydrogenation to methanol. The catalyst is prepared by thermal treatment of the hydrotalcite phase containing intimately mixed metal cations in the hydroxide form. CuO in the presence of ZnO and disordered AlMg-oxide phase gets easily reduced to Cu during the hydrogenation reaction. Its catalytic activity at relatively low Cu metal content (∼14 at.%) remains stable during 100 hours on stream at 260 °C with constant space-time yield for methanol (∼1.8 gMeOH gcat−1 h−1) and high methanol selectivity (>85 %) The improved performance is attributed to the neutralization of surface acidity, increased number of weak basic sites in the disordered phase, and lower tendency for coke formation.
Keywords: carbon dioxide hydrogenation, heterogenous catalysis, methanol, reducibility
Published in RUNG: 02.06.2023; Views: 1401; Downloads: 15
.pdf Full text (1,12 MB)

New aspects in the theory of complete hypergroups
Irina Elena Cristea, published scientific conference contribution abstract

Keywords: hypergroup, complete part, reversibility, reducibility, class equation, commutativity degree
Published in RUNG: 08.03.2023; Views: 1254; Downloads: 14
.pdf Full text (1,41 MB)

The Reducibility Concept in General Hyperrings
Irina Elena Cristea, Milica Kankaraš, 2021, original scientific article

Keywords: general hyperring, reducibility, fundamental relation, equivalence
Published in RUNG: 25.08.2021; Views: 2007; Downloads: 45
.pdf Full text (302,45 KB)

Some open problems in hypercompositional algebra
Irina Elena Cristea, 2020, published scientific conference contribution abstract (invited lecture)

Keywords: hypergroup, hyperring, hyperfield, hypermodule, dependence relation, fundamental realtion, fuzzy reducibility
Published in RUNG: 23.06.2020; Views: 3158; Downloads: 0
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Fuzzy reduced hypergroups
Milica Kankaraš, Irina Elena Cristea, 2020, original scientific article

Keywords: fuzzy set, reducibility, grade fuzzy set
Published in RUNG: 17.02.2020; Views: 3047; Downloads: 98
.pdf Full text (263,31 KB)

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