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Title:A Mechanistic Study of Magnesium Sulfur Batteries
Authors:Robba, Ana (Author)
Vižintin, Alen (Author)
Bitenc, Jan (Author)
Mali, Gregor (Author)
Arčon, Iztok (Author)
Kavčič, Matjaž (Author)
Žitnik, Matjaž (Author)
Bučar, Klemen (Author)
Aquilanti, Giuliana (Author)
Martineau-Corcos, Charlotte (Author)
Randon-Vitanova, Anna (Author)
Dominko, Robert (Author)
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Work type:Not categorized (r6)
Tipology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:UNG - University of Nova Gorica
Abstract:Magnesium sulfur batteries are considered as attractive energy storage devices due to the abundance of electrochemically active materials and high theoretical energy density. Here we report the mechanism of a Mg-S battery operation, which was studied in the presence of simple and commercially available salts dissolved in a mixture of glymes. The electrolyte offers high sulfur conversion into MgS in the first discharge with low polarization. The electrochemical conversion of sulfur with magnesium proceeds through two well-defined plateaus, which correspond to the equilibrium between sulfur and polysulfides (high-voltage plateau) and polysulfides and MgS (low-voltage plateau). As shown by XANES, RIXS and NMR studies, the end discharge phase involves MgS with Mg atoms in a tetrahedral environment resembling the wurtzite structure, while chemically synthesized MgS crystalizes in the rock-salt structure with octahedral coordination of magnesium.
Keywords:magnesium, sulfur, rechargeable batteries, XAS, NMR
Year of publishing:2017
Number of pages:29
COBISS_ID:4933883 Link is opened in a new window
DOI:10.1021/acs.chemmater.7b03956 Link is opened in a new window
License:CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
This work is available under this license: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives 4.0 International
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Title:Chemistry of Materials
Shortened title:Chem. Mat.
Year of publishing:2017

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Funding Programme:Raziskovalni projekti - temeljni
Project no.:P1-0112
Acronym:Raziskave atomov, molekul in struktur s foton
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