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Title:Anketa o delu in življenju sodobnih slovenskih literarnih prevajalk in prevajalcev
Authors:Barič, Ana (Interviewee)
Benevol Gabrijelčič, Katja (Interviewee)
Biščak, Breda (Interviewee)
Dejak, Lijana (Interviewee)
Dobnik, Nadja (Interviewee)
Drev, Miriam (Interviewee)
Duša, Zdravko (Interviewee)
Grošelj, Nada (Interviewee)
Ilc, Iztok (Interviewee)
Jerele, Saša (Interviewee)
Jovanovski, Alenka (Interviewee)
Kalc, Andreja (Interviewee)
Karim Rodošek, Ljubica (Interviewee)
Komelj, Miklavž (Interviewee)
Koncut, Suzana (Interviewee)
Kovač, Polonca (Interviewee)
Krajnc, Matej (Interviewee)
Kraševec, Borut (Interviewee)
Lapuh Maležič, Jedrt (Interviewee)
Mahkota, Tina (Interviewee)
Marinčič, Marko (Interviewee)
Mihelič, Marjanca (Interviewee)
Osojnik, Iztok (Interviewee)
Petrič, Tanja (Interviewee)
Potrč, Julija (Interviewee)
Pregelj, Barbara (Interviewee)
Rekar, Aleksandra (Interviewee)
Seliškar Kenda, Mateja (Interviewee)
Senegačnik, Brane (Interviewee)
Sevšek Šramel, Špela (Interviewee)
Strsoglavec, Đurđa (Interviewee)
Subiotto, Namita (Interviewee)
Velikonja, Nataša (Interviewee)
Vevar, Štefan (Interviewee)
Vitez, Primož (Interviewee)
Zabukovec, Dušanka (Interviewee)
Zabukovec, Urša (Interviewee)
Zakrajšek, Katja (Interviewee)
Malej, Gašper (Interviewer)
Černe, Urška P. (Interviewer)
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Work type:Unknown ()
Tipology:1.22 - Interview
Organization:UNG - University of Nova Gorica
Keywords:prevajalci, literarno prevajanje, prevajanje, literatura
Year of publishing:2017
Number of pages:str. 9-85
Numbering:št. 10, Let. 53
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ISSN on article:0012-2068
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