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Title:An Overview of the Characteristics of Free Market Economies
Authors:Jamšek, Andi (Author)
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Files:.pdf Andi_Jamsek.pdf (1,93 MB)
Work type:Master's thesis (m2)
Tipology:2.09 - Master's Thesis
Organization:PTF - Faculty of Engineering and Management
Abstract:In this work we are collecting and processing basic information that allows us a general overview of the five most popular global, free market economies which are: the exchange of currency (foreign exchange), rare metals, stocks, residential real estate and the cryptocurrency markets. By having more in-depth knowledge about the possibilities that each separate financial instrument or asset offers we are devising a strategy suited for different types of investors. Any economical system in its most natural state will create some sort of dynamic; it is possible to draw parallels between the free-economy and the Lotka-Volterra predator behaviour equations, which can help us to better visualise the behaviour of such systems. We try to compare the model with real life scenarios that had greatly affected some of the economies, one of them being the popularization of cryptocurrencies in 2017 and the other being the most recent Coronavirus epidemic. By having a rough comparison we can see a clearer picture of the practical uses and the necessities of having an increased and better selection of such models.
Keywords:free market, investing, cryptocurrency, stocks, foreign exchange, Lotka-Volterra predator/prey equations
Year of publishing:2021
Source:Nova Gorica
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Title:Pregled karakteristik prostotrˇznih gospodarstev
Abstract:V tem delu bomo zbrali podatke ter si ogledali postopke, ki nam dovoljujejo splošno spoznanje petih svetovno najbolj razširjenih prostih trgov: valutni trgi, drage kovine, delniški trgi, nepremičninski trgi ter kriptovalutni trgi. S poglobljenim znanjem o možnostih, ki jih vsak finančni instrument povezan s posameznimi trgi ponuja, lahko sestavimo optimalno investicijsko strategijo za tri različne vrste investitorjev. Prav tako vsi prosti ekonomski sistemi že sami po sebi ustvarijo svojevrstno dinamiko. Ogledali smo si vzporednice, ki jih je mogoče potegniti med prostimi trgi ter Lotka-Volterra enačbami za opisovanje dinamike med plenom in plenilcem. To nam omogoča boljši vpogled v vedenje sistema ter ponuja možnosti za grobo napovedovanje sprememb sistemu.
Keywords:prosti trg, vlaganje, kriptovalute, delniški trgi, valutni trgi, Lotka-Volterra enaćbe plenilca in plena