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Title:A for Aurora, A for Ambiguity. A century and a Half of George Sand’s Reception in the Slovenian Cultural Sphere
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Abstract:The first part of the title (»A for Aurora«) is borrowed from the afterword to the Slovenian translation of Sands Story of My Life, published on the occasion of the bicentenary of the birth of George Sand by the Slovenian feminist publishing house Delta. The discourse on Aurora Dupin / George Sand in the Slovenian cultural field of the long 19th century is ambigious. While in various press articles we mostly find only mentions and anecdotes about the writer who broke with the conventions of femininity, her work deeply influenced the literary development of Slovenian women writers, especially the most important Slovenian female novelist of the 19th century, Pavlina Pajk. Despite the fact that much has been written about George Sand in the Slovenian cultural field, the first translation did not appear until 1951. It was a translation of Little Fadette and was followed by only two other translations. Sand, who was perceived as a taboo breaker in the 19th century, was introduced to the Slovenian audience of the second half of the 20th century through translations as an author of sentimental prose with a rural love theme. In 2004, however, a turn occurred that actually followed the line of Sand’s ambiguous reception in the 19th and 20th centuries. With the translation of Story of My Life and especially with the afterword by the editor and renowned philosopher Prof. Eva D. Bahovec, Sand was introduced to the Slovenian readership as one of the great figures of the feminist tradition. How is George Sand received today, is she still present in the Slovenian cultural space, and what lies behind the ambiguity of her reception? I will try to answer these questions in my presentation.
Keywords:George Sand, recepcija francoske književnosti, pisateljice, medkulturni stiki, prevod
Year of publishing:2021
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Publication date in RUNG:07.01.2022
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Place of publishing:Warsaw
Year of publishing:2021

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Name:Historične interpretacije 20. stoletja