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Title:Winning combination of Cu and Fe oxide clusters with an alumina support for low-temperature catalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds
Authors:ID Žumbar, Tadej (Author)
ID Arčon, Iztok (Author)
ID Djinović, Petar (Author)
ID Aquilanti, Giuliana (Author)
ID Žerjav, Gregor (Author)
ID Pintar, Albin (Author)
ID Ristić, Alenka (Author)
ID Dražić, Goran (Author)
ID Volavšek, Janez (Author)
ID Mali, Gregor (Author)
ID Popova, Margarita (Author)
ID Zabukovec Logar, Nataša (Author)
ID Novak Tušar, Nataša (Author)
Files:.pdf acsami.3c02705.pdf (11,05 MB)
MD5: 9F6FD8403245A89B52B58BADECE39601
.pdf am3c02705_si_001.pdf (1,78 MB)
MD5: C155B8532A9535251F1F1185521A5925
Work type:Unknown
Typology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:UNG - University of Nova Gorica
Abstract:A γ-alumina support functionalized with transition metals is one of the most widely used industrial catalysts for the total oxidation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as air pollutants at higher temperatures (280−450 °C). By rational design of a bimetal CuFe-γ-alumina catalyst, synthesized from a dawsonite alumina precursor, the activity in total oxidation of toluene as a model VOC at a lower temperature (200−380 °C) is achieved. A fundamental understanding of the catalyst and the reaction mechanism is elucidated by advanced microscopic and spectroscopic characterizations as well as by temperature-programmed surface techniques. The nature of the metal−support bonding and the optimal abundance between Cu−O−Al and Fe−O−Al species in the catalysts leads to synergistic catalytic activity promoted by small amounts of iron (Fe/Al = 0.005). The change in the metal oxide−cluster alumina interface is related to the nature of the surfaces to which the Cu atoms attach. In the most active catalyst, the CuO6 octahedra are attached to 4 Al atoms, while in the less active catalyst, they are attached to only 3 Al atoms. The oxidation of toluene occurs via the Langmuir−Hinshelwood mechanism. The presented material introduces a prospective family of low-cost and scalable oxidation catalysts with superior efficiency at lower temperatures.
Keywords:Iron oxide clusters, copper oxide clusters, alumina support, synergistic effect, low-temperature total catalytic oxidation, toluene, Cu, Fe XANES, EXAFS
Publication status:Published
Publication version:Version of Record
Publication date:01.01.2023
Year of publishing:2023
Number of pages:str. 28747-28762
Numbering:Vol. 15, issue 23
PID:20.500.12556/RUNG-8291-1279fbf1-3f7b-2ced-f8c8-5733261da4a9 New window
COBISS.SI-ID:156450051 New window
ISSN on article:1944-8244
DOI:10.1021/acsami.3c02705 New window
Publication date in RUNG:06.07.2023
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Title:ACS applied materials & interfaces
Shortened title:ACS appl. mater. interfaces
Publisher:American Chemical Society
COBISS.SI-ID:14731286 New window

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Funder:ARRS - Slovenian Research Agency
Funding programme:Javna agencija Republike Slovenije za raziskovalno dejavnost
Project number:P1-0021-2020
Name:Nanoporozni materiali

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Name:Kemija katalizatorjev za čisti zrak

Funder:ARRS - Slovenian Research Agency
Funding programme:Javna agencija Republike Slovenije za raziskovalno dejavnost
Project number:P1-0112-2022
Name:Raziskave atomov, molekul in struktur s fotoni in delci


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Keywords:kataliza, aluminij, onesnaževanje, ozračje, zrak, katalizatorji, organske spojine