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Title:Materials for sustainable electrochemical energy conversion
Authors:ID Emin, Saim (Author)
ID Chouki, Takwa (Author)
ID Machreki, Manel (Author)
Work type:Unknown
Typology:1.10 - Published Scientific Conference Contribution Abstract (invited lecture)
Organization:UNG - University of Nova Gorica
Abstract:The process of hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) through water electrolysis is an important technology for establishing the so called "hydrogen economy". Here we will cover different systems for electrocatalytic HER. Transition metal carbides and metal phosphides are alternative to platinum (Pt) and offer excellent electrocatalytic activity for HER. Pyrolysis of hexacarbonyl tungsten, W(CO)6, in 1-octadecene has been used to prepare colloidal tungsten, W, nanoparticles (NPs) [1]. The obtained W NPs has been spin-coated on graphite (C) electrodes. Heat treatment of the W/C electrodes at elevated temperatures (≥ 900°C) allows the preparation of metallic W and tungsten carbide (W2C@WC) thin films. The obtained W2C@WC electrodes were used for hydrogen evolution studies (HER) in 0.5M H2SO4. Cyclic voltammetry tests for 1000 cycles showed that W2C@WC exhibit long term stability without significant drop in current density. The overpotential defined at 10 mA/cm2 is 310 mV vs. RHE giving an excellent catalytic activity for HER. Iron phosphide electrocatalysts were synthesized using a triphenylphosphine (TPP) precursor. Different iron phosphide phases were synthesized at 300°C (Fe2P) and at 350°C ( FeP ) [2]. To enhance the catalytic activities of obtained iron phosphide particles heat-treatments were carried out at elevated temperatures. Annealing at 500°C under reductive atmosphere induced structural changes in the samples: (i) Fe2P provided a pure Fe3P phase (Fe3P−500°C) and (ii) FeP transformed into a mixture of iron phosphide phases (Fe2P/FeP−500°C). The lowest electrode potential of 110 mV vs. a reversible hydrogen electrode (RHE) at 10 mA cm−2 was achieved with Fe2P/FeP−500°C catalyst
Keywords:Fe2P, electrocatalysis, hydrogen, ammonia
Year of publishing:2023
Number of pages:Str. 7-8
PID:20.500.12556/RUNG-8693-5a740471-2bea-60b9-ae6d-1d14936222f8 New window
COBISS.SI-ID:177328899 New window
Publication date in RUNG:13.12.2023
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Title:International Conference on Materials & Processes for Sustainable Development 2023 : May 10 & 11, 2023, Chenini, Gabes - Tunisia
Place of publishing:[Tunisia
Publisher:s. n.]
Year of publishing:2023
COBISS.SI-ID:152136707 New window