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Title:Portals to data of the Pierre Auger Observatory
Authors:ID Ghia, P. L. (Author)
ID Filipčič, Andrej (Author)
ID Lundquist, Jon Paul (Author)
ID Shivashankara, Shima Ujjani (Author)
ID Stanič, Samo (Author)
ID Vorobiov, Serguei (Author)
ID Zavrtanik, Danilo (Author)
ID Zavrtanik, Marko (Author), et al.
Files:.pdf ICRC2023_1616.pdf (2,23 MB)
MD5: 1D052FC0C6E179E492189EECD4B2ACDD
Work type:Unknown
Typology:1.08 - Published Scientific Conference Contribution
Organization:UNG - University of Nova Gorica
Abstract:The Pierre Auger Collaboration has embraced the concept of open access to their data from its foundation. As early as 2007, when the Observatory was almost complete, a portal to 1% of the data from the surface detector was created and updated every year for over ten years. Meant for educational purposes, the portal was the first step towards making data public by the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) principles. A new portal was opened in February 2021, at the end of the first phase of operation. Presented for the first time at the ICRC 2021, it includes not only 10% of the data–raw and processed–from the different instruments of the Observatory, but also a visualisation tool, documentation to make the data user-friendly, and analyses codes that can be readily used and modified. Since 2021, the portal has been updated three times: new data, documentation, and codes have been added. Moreover, the portal has become dual, with one part dedicated to scientists and the other to educational users. Furthermore, a catalog containing details of the 100 highest-energy cosmic rays has been included. At this conference we will discuss these new features, as well as our intentions for the future. We will also share our approach and methods for making data public and understandable to external users, from simplifying the data structure to translating codes from in-house computing architecture into popular available software.
Keywords:Pierre Auger Observatory, ultra-high energy cosmic rays, portals to data
Publication status:Published
Publication version:Version of Record
Publication date:01.01.2023
Year of publishing:2023
Number of pages:str. 1-13
PID:20.500.12556/RUNG-8815 New window
COBISS.SI-ID:182232835 New window
ISSN on article:1824-8039
DOI:10.22323/1.444.1616 New window
Publication date in RUNG:24.01.2024
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Title:38th International Cosmic Ray Conference [also] ICRC2023
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Funder:ARRS - Slovenian Research Agency
Project number:P1-0031
Name:Večglasniška astrofizika


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