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Bibliography of the person, including all types of documents, not only theses.

Person: Martin O'Loughlin

MSc theses (1)

  1. Hovhannes Demirtshyan: Properties of Null Hypersurfaces

Bsc theses (1)

  1. Gregor Mrak: Detection of gravitational waves

Other documents (5)

  1. Martin O'Loughlin, Matthias Blau: Horizon Shells and BMS-like soldering transformations
  2. Maria Vittoria Garzelli, Martin O'Loughlin, Saeede Nafooshe: Cosmic ray induced micro black hole showers
  3. Martin O'Loughlin: Penrose limits, singularities and DLCQ
  4. Martin O'Loughlin: String theory and space-time singularities
  5. Edi Gava, Giuseppe Milanesi, Kumar S. Narain, Martin O'Loughlin: Half BPS states in AdS[sub]5 x Y[sup]p,q