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The table includes keywords of all theses, where this person is in the role of a mentor. Keywords are sorted by the frequency, with most frequent keywords at the top. Most frequent keywords may tell what this mentor's research fields and interests are.

Person: Giovanni De Ninno

Together there are 46 keywords, that are appearing 53 times.
5 of them (10.87 % of all) appear more than once, together appearing 12 times (22.64 % of all appearances).

4x33.33%laser na proste elektrone
2x16.67%disertacije, diplomske naloge, sinhrotron, ultra-relativistični snop elektronov
1xlaserji na proste elektrone, gruče elektronov, visoki izkoristki, HGHG, časovno okno, grelni laser, elektronski snopi, koherenca, ultraviolična svetloba, magistrske naloge, shranjevalni obroč, vakuumska ultravijolična svetloba, sinhrotronska svetloba, nastavljivost, višji harmoniki, femtosekundni laser, ekstremna ultravijolična svetloba, generacija visokih harmonikov, FEL, Mott insulator, non-equilibrium, spin density wave, timescales, metastable phase, excitonic insulator, generation, orbital angular momentum, complex systems, charge density wave, time- and angle-resolved photoemission, ultrafast dynamics, high order harmonic generation (HHG), time resolved spectroscopy, longitudinalna koherenca, light, laser, synchrotron radiation, Cobalt phthalocyanine (CoPc), photoemission spectroscopy (PES), X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS), mikro gruče