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Title:Sodobne spremembe didaskalij : primer besedil Simone Semenič
Authors:Zajc, Ivana (Author)
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Work type:Not categorized (r6)
Tipology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:UNG - University of Nova Gorica
Abstract:Članek predstavi spremenjeno vlogo didaskalij v sodobni slovenski dramatiki na primeru besedil Simone Semenič. Novi pojavi v didaskalijah njihova ustaljena pravila kršijo ali poudarijo. Didaskalije Simone Semenič poudarjajo pripovedno funkcijo tradicionalnih didaskalij. Nosilec te funkcije je lahko lik, ki izreka didaskalije, ali dramski avtor, s čimer je v besedilu poudarjen avtorski komentar, ki usmerja bralčevo interpretacijo besedila. Članek analizira vlogo didaskalij pri uokvirjanju dramskega dela in tvorbi metadrame.
Keywords:sodobna slovenska dramatika, didaskalije, pripovedovanje, naratologija drame, metadrama, uokvirjanje
Year of publishing:2016
Number of pages:151-162
Numbering:3/4, 61
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ISSN on article:0021-6933
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Title:Jezik in slovstvo
Year of publishing:2016

Secondary language

Title:Contemporary changes in stage directions : The case of the texts of Simona Semenič
Abstract:The article presents the changed role of stage directions in contemporary Slovenian drama in the case of the texts of Simona Semenič. New phenomena in stage directions are based on the traditional characteristics of stage directions, which are subverted or strongly emphasised. The stage directions of Simona Semenič emphasise the narrative function of traditional stage directions. The bearer of this feature can be a character who gives stage directions or the dramatic author, in which case the author's comment is highlighted in the text, thus guiding the reader's interpretation. The article analyses the role of stage directions in framing the dramatic work and in the formation of metadrama.
Keywords:contemporary Slovenian drama, stage directions, narration, narratology of drama, metadrama, framing