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Največkrat prenešene datoteke tedna (zadnjih 7 dni).

Nika Kravos, 2018

Opis: V magistrskem delu z naslovom Reprezentacije nosečnosti v izbranih delih sodobnih slovenskih avtoric po letu 1970 bom skušala osvetliti, kako sodobne slovenske avtorice upodabljajo motiv nosečnosti. Prvi del magistrskega dela bo obsegal pregled socioloških, zgodovinskih in psihoanalitičnih teorij o nosečnosti in materinstvu. Sociološki, zgodovinski in psihoanalitični kontekst bom v uvodni del vključila, ker so pomembni za razumevanje, kako je skozi različne perspektive prišlo do skonstruiranega mita o materinstvu. Osredotočila se bom na odnos ženskih likov do nosečnosti. Zanimal me bo odnos ženskega lika do nosečnosti, v kolikšni meri obravnavana besedila utelešajo/ne utelešajo stereotipnih, patriarhalnih vzorcev o nosečnosti in materinstvu in ali avtorice upodabljajo tudi tabuizirane teme (detomor, splav, poporodna depresija, konflikten odnos med materjo in otrokom, zavračanje misli, da je materinstvo največja izpolnitev ženskosti). Pri interpretaciji se bom opirala na feministične teoretičarke, citirala in analizirala bom njihove ugotovitve.
Ključne besede: feminizem, materinstvo, nosečnost, dojenje, porod, splav, detomor, stereotip, sodobnost, pisateljice
Objavljeno: 11.10.2018; Ogledov: 1121; Prenosov: 101
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Seismic Vulnerability of a Historical Masonry Building: A Critical Comparison of Analytical Methodologies
Marco Boscolo Bielo, 2020

Opis: In these last twenty years a new sensibility for the seismic themes around buildings has emerged from a cultural and technical point of view. As a result of some earthquakes happened in Italy, the promulgation of technical codes has accelerated and, essentially, the standards of Eurocodes were accepted. Consequently, also in the field of historical buildings, a set of specific guidelines have been issued. In the current state of art, designers are faced with many methods of calculation which the technical codes offer for the assessment of the seismic vulnerability of historical buildings. Designers can use simplified or complex approaches which assume different starting hypothesisto obtain different results. This thesis aims to investigate the various aspects that the designer meets during the study of the static behaviour of an historical building and the assessment of its seismic vulnerability. A study case is also proposed which regards a Venetian Villa of the XVIth Century located in “Riviera del Brenta” near Venice, with a critical comparison of the results obtained by the application of the various methods of calculation. The thesis begins with an outline of the historical development of seismic technical codes in Italy and shows how the sensibility has developed in the Italian culture. In particular it is illustrated the difference between the approach of the legislation "a posteriori" (where a “patchy zoning” was generally performed after the occurrence of earthquakes), and the probabilistic approach based on the peaking ground acceleration expected in every Italian site. The Second and the Third Chapters contain the analysis of the current seismic legislations and in particular the guidelines for historical buildings. The Chapter 4 provides a general discussion on the masonry and the definition of the mechanical parameters. There are many critical aspects relating to a characterization of models which can realistically represent the historical masonry. They are due to a heterogeneity of variables such as, for instance, the mechanical parameters, the physiological behaviour, the connections, etc. In the Chapter 5 the basic concepts of seismic behaviour of historical buildings are discussed. In particular the Pagano’s classification of masonry buildings is illustrated with special regard of the following factors: stiffness of horizontal structures; efficiency of “masonry beams”; efficiency of intersection between walls. From the Chapter 6 the analysis of the study case begins. Here we can find the description of the Venetian Villa (historical evolution of the buildings, description of geometrical characteristics, structural behaviour, etc. In the Chapter 7, the first level of analysis is performed for the study-case. The method of calculation is contained in the guidelines for historical buildings. A critical discussion of the results is also illustrated. In the Chapter 8 is performed a linear kinematic analysis based on various possible kinematic mechanisms identified through the study of cracking and the lacks of the structural connections. The Chapter 9 shows a non-linear static analysis (pushover) for the study-case which refers to two limit behaviour models: the first one with infinitely rigid diaphragms and efficient masonry beams; the second one based on infinitely flexible diaphragms and weak masonry beams. The results are compared and critically discussed. In the same way the Chapter 10 and 11 perform a linear static analysis and a linear dynamic analysis for the two models of the Chapter 9, so the results can be compared. In the last Chapter a general discussion about all the results of the performed analysis is conducted. Here the work points out the conceptual limits of each method of calculation and the possibility of use related to the objectives which must be reached. Finally some design indications related to the results of the analysis are illustrated.
Ključne besede: Seismic, Vulneraility, Analitical, Methodologies
Objavljeno: 02.07.2020; Ogledov: 58; Prenosov: 4
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Miodrag Đorđević, 2016

Opis: In 2009, a Drop in centre for street children - MARA was established in Niš, Serbia. The purpose of the project was to provide health protection of adolescents, who lived in structural disadvantages, was exposed to the risk of HIV, and who have not been addressed by the institutional social care system. Once on the streets, children have difficulty meeting their basic needs such as obtaining food, clothes or shelter. Therefore, they employ a range of survival strategies. Begging, car washing, collecting secondary resources, borrowing money, and dealing drugs are common ways how to provide subsistence. Perhaps the most dangerous survival strategy pertains to exchanging sex services for food or money. Drug and alcohol use are common practices among street children. The main goal of this thesis was to obtain new knowledge about these young people in order to achieve a better understanding of their behaviours in the framework of social marginalization, their coping strategies and their own contributions to social exclusion. To provide better social, health and educational services for street children in Niš a qualitative approach is necessary to understand their survival strategies and their several needs as the persons at risk in certain social contexts. The main approach was ethnography encompassing participant observation during the fieldwork in Drop in centre in Niš. Following methods were employed: Review of the scientific literature on the issue and analytical reading; Review and analysis of existing documents and archive materials: UN/NGO/Government documents, and the documentation on the projects from Drop in centre; Participant observation in the group of MARA; Semistructured interviews with MARA; An ethnographic diary and ethnographic fieldnotes of fieldwork in the Drop in centre in Niš. This thesis was focused on the following research questions: What is the relationship between social stereotypes about MARA and MARA’s behaviour? Are the stereotypes affecting MARA’s identities, behaviour and appearance or vice versa? How do MARA act within their several environments? How MARA relate to each other? How “street groups” influence MARA’s risky behaviour? What are interactions within these groups? What are the commonly shared values among the members of the groups? My research will explore more in detail common values in the groups of drug users and sex workers. How MARA understand the risk of drug use and commercial sex? What is the social context of risk perception? Do they have any ideas how to prevent the risk? Did they have any concepts about the risk? And how their concept coincides with the mainstream, project concepts? Discussing all above research questions, the main expected result refers to obtaining new knowledge in order to find better solution to their problems compared to existing practices and understandings by several actors. Therefore, this work will fight against poorly informed images and understandings of adolescent Roma and street children, which are as a rule seen and understood within ideological, commonsensical, racial and stereotypical considerations. Roma studies have little academic research on at risk adolescent children, especially in the Western Balkans. The originality of this study is related to the unique material collected in the ethnography through participant observation and fieldwork with appropriate techniques of data collection with adolescent street children in Niš. The study was carried out on the territory of former Socialist Yugoslavia, in Central Serbia, Niš. No similar studies on structural inequality, marginality and Roma has been conducted in this region. Finally,concepts of structural inequality, marginality, street children, which have been coined and developed by several authors in the contexof the Western capitalist system, will be now reflected in the context of transition and postsocialist radical social changes.
Ključne besede: Roma, marginality, childhood, street children, risky behaviour, stereotypes
Objavljeno: 16.09.2016; Ogledov: 2218; Prenosov: 163
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Sandra Folarin Oloketuyi, 2020

Opis: Early detection and monitoring of toxic microalgae remains a challenge that will be necessary to overcome for understanding harmful algal bloom events and their consequent ecological and environmental impacts. Although there are diagnostic techniques based on microscopy, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), DNA microarrays, real-time PCR, sandwich hybridization assays employed for the detection of harmful algal species, such techniques are not suitable for field monitoring and especially for the quantification of Alexandrium minutum due to abundance of cryptic species that cannot be differentiated based on morphology or genomic traits. These approaches are also time-consuming and laborious, hence there is need for alternative simple, rapid and cost-effective methods. In this study, our aim was to develop different nanobody-based capture strategies for the detection of A. minutum. Nanobodies were successfully displayed on the surface of Escherichia coli to facilitate detection of A. minutum. The method is simple and cost effective as no antibody purification step is necessary. As an alternative, A. minutum was quantified by exploiting the peroxidase activity of a G-quadruplex DNAzyme covalently bound to nanobodies and by means of a label free electrochemical immunosensor which exploit nanobodies bound via an irreversible SpyTag-SpyCatcher system as the specific immunocapture element. Such immunosensor was prepared by immobilizing the SpyTagged anti-A. minutum nanobody (SpyTagged C1) by means of a selfassembled monolayer (SAMs) of L- cysteine (L-Cys) displayed onto a gold nanoparticle-modified glassy carbon electrode. Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) was performed to measure the electrical response of the circuit as the function of A. minutum immunocaptured cells. The results of EIS studies confirmed that the sensing chip detected A. minutum selectively, exhibited a wide dynamic range spanning from 103 to 109 cell L-1 and a limit of detection of 3.1× 103 cell L-1. The immunosensor data can be recorded and then analyzed with a portable potentiostat. Such device can be interfaced with a smart phone, a condition suitable for the rapid A. minutum quantification in situ.
Ključne besede: Alexandrium minutum, nanobodies, bioreagents, immunosensor, toxic microalgae
Objavljeno: 17.06.2020; Ogledov: 110; Prenosov: 5
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Gabrijela Zaharijas, B. L. Winer, 2016

Opis: The Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT) has provided the most detailed view to date of the emission toward the Galactic center (GC) in high-energy γ-rays. This paper describes the analysis of data taken during the first 62 months of the mission in the energy range 1–100 GeV from a 15° × 15° region about the direction of the GC. Specialized interstellar emission models (IEMs) are constructed to enable the separation of the γ-ray emissions produced by cosmic ray particles interacting with the interstellar gas and radiation fields in the Milky Way into that from the inner ∼1 kpc surrounding the GC, and that from the rest of the Galaxy. A catalog of point sources for the 15° × 15° region is self-consistently constructed using these IEMs: the First Fermi-LAT Inner Galaxy Point Source Catalog (1FIG). The spatial locations, fluxes, and spectral properties of the 1FIG sources are presented, and compared with γ-ray point sources over the same region taken from existing catalogs. After subtracting the interstellar emission and point-source contributions a residual is found. If templates that peak toward the GC are used to model the positive residual the agreement with the data improves, but none of the additional templates tried account for all of its spatial structure. The spectrum of the positive residual modeled with these templates has a strong dependence on the choice of IEM.
Ključne besede: cosmic rays – Galaxy: center – gamma-rays: general – gamma-rays: ISM – radiation mechanisms: non-thermal
Objavljeno: 02.03.2016; Ogledov: 1940; Prenosov: 149
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Uvedba svetovalne prodaje programa iCenter v izbranem podjetju
Tjaša Živec, 2018

Opis: Svetovalna prodaja se od klasičnega načina najbolj razlikuje po poudarku na dvosmerni komunikaciji, posluhu za kupca in empatiji. Na prodajni oddelek prinese aktivnost, dinamiko ter priložnost za pridobivanje dodatnega znanja in izkušenj. Vsekakor je za današnji čas primernejša od pasivne prodaje, kjer je poudarek na produktu in ima večino besede prodajalec. Podatki so, po zaslugi spleta, dostopni vsakomur. Kupec tako od prodajalca ne pričakuje, da mu bo povedal, zakaj je njihov produkt najboljši, temveč zato, da mu pomaga definirati problem, svetovati in najti pravo rešitev. V diplomskem delu smo se osredotočili na tematiko prodaje med poslovnimi subjekti (t. i. Business to business ali B2B prodaja), svetovalne prodaje in celovitih upravljalskih sistemov (t. i. Enterprise resource planning ali ERP) ter preučili različne vsebine iz teh področij. S pomočjo metod analize in kompilacije dostopne literature smo sestavili teoretični del. V tem delu smo pridobljene podatke podali z deskriptivno metodo. Teoretična izhodišča smo nato s pomočjo študije primera prenesli v prakso. Oblikovali smo postopek svetovalne prodaje in ga uvedli v prodajni proces ERP rešitve iCenter. Tako kot vodstvo izbranega podjetja smo tudi sami zaznali potencial v svetovalni prodaji, zato smo v tem delu želeli potrditi prvotno zastavljeno tezo, da je tak način prodaje primeren za podjetje Saop d. o. o. Za ta namen smo pripravili analizo rezultatov pridobljenih med raziskavo ter uporabili metodo nestrukturiranega intervjuja z zaposlenimi, s katero smo preučili njihov odnos do tega načina prodaje. Rezultati obeh so po pričakovanjih pozitivni. Podjetje je s tem načinom pridobilo nove stranke in ugotovili smo, da zaposleni ta način prodaje sprejemajo in so z njim zadovoljni.
Ključne besede: Svetovalna prodaja, prodaja, telefonska prodaja, business to business, B2B, upravljalski informacijski sistemi, ERP, iCenter
Objavljeno: 11.09.2018; Ogledov: 919; Prenosov: 94
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Lik umetnice - migrantke v romanih Brine Svit, Cvetke Bevc in Marjete Novak Kajzer
Jasmina Spahalić, 2015

Opis: V raziskavi sem se osredinila na lik umetnice v slovenskih romanih in naredila primerjavo med deli treh avtoric – Brine Svit, Cvetke Bevc in Marjete Novak Kajzer. Predvsem sem se posvetila vprašanju, kako žensko v tujem okolju določa njena spolna identiteta. V feministični teoriji fenomen in koncept migrantstva predstavlja pozicijo, ki ženskam ponuja možnost, da lahko nadzorujejo lastno življenje in usodo in o njiju več ne odloča patriarhalni družbeni red. Ob prebiranju romanov, ki so predmet moje raziskave, sem ugotovila, da močno izstopa problem ženske identitete in v večini primerov je v ospredju lik tujke in šele nato lik umetnice. Analiza zaobjema naslednje romane: Posebne nežnosti (1990) Marjete Novak Kajzer; Moreno (2003) in Smrt slovenske primadone (2007) Brine Svit ter Sobo gospe Bernarde (2007) in Ino (2011) Cvetke Bevc.
Ključne besede: Posebne nežnosti, Marjeta Novak Kajzer, Moreno, Smrt slovenske primadone, Brina Svit, Soba Gospe Bernarde, Ina, Cvetka Bevc, lik umetnice, migrantka, feministične študije.
Objavljeno: 08.10.2015; Ogledov: 3218; Prenosov: 244
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